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Full text of "Department of Education applicants cover letters, Part 1"

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June 20, 2013 

Honorable Terry E. Branstad, Governor of Iowa 
1007 East Grand Avenue 
Des Moines, IA 50319 

Dear Governor Branstad: 

It is with great interest that I am applying for the position of the Director of the 
Department of Education. Your opening came to my attention through articles in the Des 
Moines Register and by colleagues familiar with the situation. 

Currently I serve as the Superintendent of Saydel Community School District. In that role 
I have been successful in leading a collaborative effort, in tandem with leadership from 
the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET), to secure a Teacher Incentive 
Fund (TIF) Grant. This grant has been provided in order to implement the System for 
Teacher and Student Advancement (TAP) in the district. While there are many important 
dimensions to TAP, one in which we are most exited are the teacher career ladder that 
includes career, mentor, and master teachers. A second dimension is a coaching and 
evaluation system predicated on frequent classroom observations with feedback for 
improvement based on instructional rubrics. A third dimension is weekly "cluster" 
meetings designed to instruct teachers on highly effective classroom practices that have 
been field tested by mentor and master teachers. The efforts of TAP appear to be well 
aligned with initiatives that are underway in the state. 

In addition to the grant, we have done other work in the form of the passage of a $7.98 
million dollar bond referendum as well as a realignment of the district grade levels and 
buildings amongst other important work and initiatives. You will notice in my resume 
that I have held a number of different leadership and teaching positions over the years in 
a variety of Iowa districts. Those districts include the following: Waukee, Hudson, North 
Mahaska, and Ankeny. I have also had opportunities to interact on state level committees 
as well as committees more closely associated with area education agencies. In thinking 
about connections to School Administrators of Iowa, a few years back I had the honor of 
serving as President of that organization. 

Based on my experiences as well as more recent information I've investigated regarding 
the position, I am excited about the direction of education in Iowa. I look forward to 
meeting with you to discuss my qualifications in greater detail. I can be reached by phone 
at home tfHBHHBHBt by cellular phone at HH^HBHR as we ^ as by email at 


Brad Buck, Ph.D. 

Dr. Bradley A. Buck 


Ph.D. - Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - May 2006 
Certificate of Advanced Studies (C.A.S.) - May 2005 
Iowa State University 

Dissertation: A Comparative Study of the Perceptions of Novice Iowa Public School 
Teachers Toward the Effects of the Iowa Evahiator Approval Training Program 

M.Ed. Educational Administration - August 1997 
Iowa State University 

B.A. Biology -May 1992 
University of Northern Iowa 

Certificates Held: PK-12 Superintendent, Iowa 
5-12 Principal, Iowa 
Evaluator Approval (New), Iowa 


Superintendent, Saydel Community School District (SCSD), Des Moines, IA, luly 201 1- 

• Partnered with the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) to 
obtain a Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Grant of approximately $9.6 million 
dollars - the SCSD portion is approximately $4.3 million dollars. 

• Shepherded the process for an affirmative vote (94% "yes") by certified staff to 
accept the TIF Grant and implement the System for Teacher and Student 
Advancement (TAP). The TAP Elements of Success include the following: 

• Multiple Career Paths - Master, Mentor, and Career Teachers. 

• Ongoing Applied Professional Growth - weekly "cluster" meetings and 
field-tested instructional strategies. 

• Instructionally Focused Accountability - teacher evaluation rubrics, 
multiple announced and unannounced observations, and peer coaching and 

• Performance-Based Compensation - using value-added, student 
achievement data and rubric scores. 

• Collaborated with a Board-Approved, District Facility Committee to pass a 
$7.98 million dollar bond referendum (66% community "yes" vote). This 
referendum will provide facility improvements to all of the schools in the district 
as well as the athletic/activity stadium. 

• Oversaw the implementation of a grades 7-12, 1:1 laptop initiative. 

• Strategically reduced, in tandem with Board leadership, approximately $1 
million dollars in ongoing expenses while at the same time improving 
instructional services for students. 

• This included closing an elementary school and reconfiguring the district 
from grades PK-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12 to the current PK-4, 5-8, and 9-12 
school orientation. 

• Supported the implementation of both a Summer Camp and Summer Meal 

Associate Superintendent, Waukee Community School District, Waukee, IA, July 2009- 

• Led and supervised the areas for which I was responsible as the assistant 
superintendent, with the addition of the Human Resources Department and the 
Department of Information, Communication, and Enrollment Services. 

• Led the Instruction Committee - A Committee of the Board of Education. 

• Coordinated a systemic process to align the work of School Improvement, 
guided by a collaboratively designed district Theory of Action, both within the 
division and to the other divisions in the district. 

• Oversaw the operating budget for the division as well as the various state and 
federal programs that intersected with the School Improvement Division. 

• Managed the implementation of the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan 
(CSIP), many segments of Project EASIER, and state and federal data 
accountability measures. 

• Contributed to the work of the district Facilities Committee as we continued to 
plan for future building projects in response to increases in student enrollment. 

• Supervised the data collection process around the implementation of the Iowa 
Core, as well as oversee the writing and implementation of the district plan. 

• Participate in district interest-based, collective bargaining activities, as well as 
ongoing contract maintenance conversations. 

• Investigated the Instructional Rounds concept and process and guided the 
implementation of the process in the district. 

• Facilitated the investigation and implementation of a district-wide data 
warehouse system. 

Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement t Waukee Community School District, 
Waukee, IA, April 2006-June 2009 

• Led and supervised the district level curriculum, instruction, assessment and 
professional development department, district student services department (i.e. 
special education, ELP, ESL, etc.), as well as the building principals. 

• Designed a unified vision for teaching and student learning in the district, 
through a collaborative process that included building and district leaders, 
teachers, board members, parents, and community members, that is grounded in 
the tenets of Professional Learning Communities (PLC). 

• Entered into a collaborative agreement with the Center for Advanced Study of 
Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) at Iowa State University to 
investigate the implementation of additional classroom technology to transition 
Waukee CSD into a 21st century school district. 

• Improved the teacher evaluation and professional development framework to 
align with the unified vision, through a collaborative process involving leaders of 
the Waukee Education Association and district evaluators. 

• Investigated, designed and implemented a model for leader evaluation and 
professional development, in collaboration with representative principals and 
central office staff members. 

• Guided by relevant research and data from a Curriculum Management Audit, led 
a process to construct a five-year plan for ongoing improvement in the district. 

• Supported the work of building leadership at both Waukee Middle School and 
Waukee Elementary in their eventual removal from the School in Need of 
Assistance (SINA) designation. 

• Working in partnership with the local area education agency, designed and 
implemented a process for program evaluation in the district. 

Principal, Prairieview School (grades 8-9) & Waukee Middle School (grades 6-7), 
Waukee, IA, July 2004-March 2006 

• Led and managed a combined leadership team of 2 assistant principals and 5 
Deans of Students between PVS and WMS, and supervised over 100 staff 
members and 1200 students. 

• Facilitated and organized the transition from a grades 6-8 middle school and 
grades 9-12 high school to a district building structure including grades 8 and 9. 

• Designed through a collaboratively process that included teachers, parents, 
community members, and business leaders, a student-leader based character 
initiative that infuses both Character and Counts and Positive Behavior 
Intervention Supports. 

Principal, Waukee Middle School (grades 6-8), Waukee, IA, July 2001-June 2004 

• Led the design and implementation of a middle school vision - including a role 
as a champion of advisor-advisee programming and student-led conferences. 

• Managed the transition from paper-pencil grading and scheduling to electronic 
scheduling the use of an electronic student information management system. 

Principal, Hudson Middle School (grades 5-8), Hudson, IA, August 1998- June 2001 

• Led the transition from a traditional junior high/upper elementary to a child- 
centered middle school through a collaboratively produced building action plan. 

Principal, North Mahaska JrVSr. High School, New Sharon, IA, August 1997-July 1998 

• Responsible for the operation of the 7-12 building including the school 
improvement process, the role as secondary curriculum director, and manager of 
building budgets and supervision of all building staff members. 

Life Science Instructor, Parkview Middle School, Ankeny, IA, August 1992- July 1997 

• Taught on a core team in a fully inclusive classroom teaching environment. 

• Collaborated on several interdisciplinary units, organized time in a flexible 
block schedule, and served in a variety of teacher leadership roles. 


• Professor - Adjunct - Viterbo University - Principal Leadership: Foundations, 

Principal Leadership: Management and Ethical Issues in School and Society - 
Summer 2007-present 

• Certified Facilitator - DiSC - Behavioral and Leadership Style Assessment and 

Analysis - 2009-present 

• Professor - Adjunct - Iowa State University - Human Resource Management, School 

Systems as Learning Cultures, and Evaluation of Personnel - 2006-201 1 


• C4K Work Team - Educator Quality Co-Leader - LEA Representative - Response to 

Intervention (Rtl), K-3 Literacy Initiative - Iowa Department of Education - 

• Superintendent Instructional Rounds - Apprentice Facilitator for Heartland Area 

Education Agency (HAEA) - 2012-present 

• Superintendent Instructional Rounds - Participant - HAEA - 201 1-present 

• Leadership Partnership Committee - State-wide Wallace Grant Initiative - Practitioner 

Representative for Iowa - 2006-present 

• Statewide Longitudinal Data System ~ Iowa Department of Education - Advisory 

Committee Member - 201 1-2012 

• Statewide Workgroup: System of Supports - Iowa Department of Education - Des 

Moines, IA- 2010-2012 

• Associate Superintendent and Assistant Principal Mentoring Framework - Design Team 

Member -2010-2012 

• Virtual Reality User Group - DMACC - Ankeny, IA - 2009-201 1 

• Leadership Standards and Criteria Task Force - Co-Facilitator - Process to design the 

Leadership Standards and Criteria for the state of Iowa and Model Descriptors - 
Wallace Foundation Grant - 2006-2007 

• Planning Team to Write the Superintendent Evaluation Model - 2006-2007 

• Design Committee to Write Level H of the Iowa Evaluator Approval Training Program 

(IEATP) - Principal Representative - 2005-2007 


• Area Director - State of Iowa - Phi Delta Kappa International - 2010-201 1 

• Past President - School Administrators of Iowa (SAT) - 2009-2010 

• President - School Administrators of Iowa (SAT) - 2008-2009 

• Executive Council and Representative Council Member - SAI - 2006-2010 

• Past President - Iowa Association for Middle Level Educators (IAMLE) - 2008-2009 

• President - Iowa Association for Middle Level Educators (IAMLE) - 2006-2008 


• Capitol Crossroads Committee - Greater Des Moines Partnership - Human Resources 

Division - 20 1 1 -present 

• University of Northern Iowa Alumni Association - Board of Directors - Spring 2007- 


• United Way Campaign Cabinet - K-12 Committee Co-Leader - Greater Des Moines 

Campaign -2012-2013 

• Safe Waters International Ministries (SWIM) - Board Member - Fall 2010-2012 

• American Diabetes Association (ADA) - StepOut Campaign - Team Recruitment Co- 

Chair -Spring 2010 

• 2009 UNI Lux Service Award - Selection Committee Member 

• Waukee Education Foundation Board Member - 2007-201 1 

• School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) - District Community Committee 

• Saylorviile Church - Member, Nursery/Toddler Volunteer 

• Waukee Leadership Institute Alumni 


• Sportsmanship Judging - Boys State Basketball Tournament - Iowa High School 

Athletic Association - 2005-present 

• Viterbo University - Educational Leadership Advisory Group - 2005-present 

• Mentor superintendent to a first-year superintendent through SAI and for a number of 
principals and superintendents-in-training - Drake University, University of Northern 
Iowa, and Viterbo University - 2003-present 

• State of Iowa Cheerleading Championships - Master of Ceremonies - 2001-2004, 


• SAI Fall Conference Planning Committee - 2011-12 

• Iowa Character Awards - Selection Committee - 2010-201 1 

• Revised Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development System - Delivered through 

Moodle - designed videos observed by all staff- Fall 2009 

• Iowa Evaluator Approval Training Program - Renewal - State Trainer for Waukee CSD 

and Adel-DeSoto-Minburn CSD - 2007 

• President Elect - School Administrators of Iowa - 2007-2008 

• Chaperone - Student Home and School Visit Trip to Germany - Spring Break 2007 

• Vice President - School Administrators of Iowa - 2006-2007 

• President - Iowa Association for Middle Level Educators - 2006-2008 

• President-Elect - Iowa Association for Middle Level Educators - 2004-2006 

• Committee to Design and Revise a Model Principal Evaluation System for the State of 

Iowa -SAI -2004-2006 

• Institute for Character Development - Advisory Committee Member - 2004-2006 

• FINE Foundation Fall Conference Planning Committee - Middle School Education 

Representative - 2004-2006 

• Using Electronic Portfolios to Support Licensure Transition and Professional Growth - 

Co-taught Drake Credit Class - 2003 

• Interdisciplinary Instruction in the Middle School Classroom - Taught Drake University 

Professional Development Credit Class - 2003 

• SAI Representative Council - Area 11 - 2003-2006 

• SAI Professional Development Advisory Committee - 2003-2004 

• Treasurer - Iowa Association for Middle Level Educators - 2001-2004 


• Assessing Academic Rigor Course (Evaluator Renewal Course) - 201 1-2012 

• Iowa Core Planning and Implementation Team - Saydel CSD, 201 1-present and 

Waukee CSD- 2008-2011 

• Phi Delta Kappa - Area Director Training - Chicago, IL - Slimmer 2010 

• Inform Data Warehouse System - Summer 2010 

• Iowa Department of Education Site Visit Training - West Des Moines, IA - Fall 2009 

• DiSC Certification - Fall 2009 

• Stepping Stones to Data Use - Northwest Education Association (NWEA) - Waukee, 

IA- Fall 2008 

• Grading and Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom - Rick Wormeli Presenter ~ 

Des Moines, IA - Winter 2007 

• Superintendent Evaluation Implementation Framework ~ IASB - Fall 2007 

• Waukee Leadership Academy - 2007-2008 

• Superintendent Evaluation Approval Training Program - Fall 2007 

• Iowa Evaluator Approval Training Program (IEATP) Renewal ~ Train-the-Trainer - 

Des Moines, IA - Spring 2007 

• Balanced Leadership Academy - 2006-2007 

• Pathwise Training - Evaluator Version - OshKosh, WI ~ Fall 2006 

• DiSC Personality Profile Training - Omaha, NE - Summer 2005 

• Character Counts - Two-Day Training - West Des Moines, IA - Spring 2004 

• Three-Minute Walk-Through Revised Training - Waukee, IA - Spring 2004 


• Iowa Association of School Boards - Annual Convention - 2010-present 

• SAI Fall Conference - Des Moines, IA - Fall 2000-2003, 2005-present 

• SAI Executive Leader Group - Participant - 201 1-present 

• National Association of School Boards - Annual Convention - San Diego, CA - 201 3 

• TAP National Conference - Washington, DC - 2013 

• IASB - Legislative Conference - Des Moines, IA - 2013 

• TAP School Visits - Indianapolis, IN, Clarksville, IN, and Knoxville, TN - 2012-2013 

• Iowa Superintendents Finance Leadership Consortium (ISFLC) - Fundamentals of 

School Finance - 2007, 201 1-present 

• IASB ~ School Finance Conference - Iowa State University - 2012 

• IASB - Employee Relations Conference - Altoona, IA - 2012 

• Instructional Rounds - Statewide Meeting and Elmore Presentation/Reflections - 2012 

• Iowa Education Summit - Summer 201 1 

• Project 21 st Century Skills - Iowa Kick-off Event - Summer 2010 

• Professional Learning Community Conference - coordinated and facilitated the trip for 

80 teachers and administrators using Teacher Quality Funds - St. Joseph, MO - 
Summer 2010 

• Superintendent's Network - Instructional Rounds Conversation with Richard Elmore 

and Liz City - Spring 2010 
•1:1 Schools - Network Meeting - Will Richardson and Scott McLeod Presenters ~ 
Ames, IA- Winter 2009 

• Iowa Association of School Boards - Annual Convention Pre-Conference - School 

Finance Boot Camp - Winter 2009 

• Wallace Foundation Grantees Conference - Building and Sustaining Coherent Systems 

of Leadership - Washington, DC -Fall 2009 

• Professional Learning Community Conference - Las Vegas, NV - Fall 2009 

• Transitioning Schools to the 21 st Century - Dr. Scott McLeod Presenter - Johnston, IA 

- Fall 2008, Winter 2009 and Spring 2009 

• National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) National Convention - 

SAI Representative - San Diego, CA - Spring 2009 

• Iowa Association of School Boards - Annual Convention - Des Moines, IA - Fall 2008 

• Response to Intervention (Rtl) - Regional Summit - Follow-Up to National Summit ~ 

Chicago, IL- Fall 2008 

• Suburban School Superintendents - Mentor-Mentee - Summer Session — Chicago, IL — 

Summer 2008 

• Leadership Summit - Representative for SAI and NASSP - Washington, DC - 2008 

• Summer Conference on Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design, and What 

Works in Schools - ASCD - Nashville, TO - Summer 2008 

• NASSP National Convention - SAI Representative - San Antonio, TX - Spring 2008 

• Response to Intervention (Rtl) - National Summit - Central Office Representative for 

the Iowa Delegation - Washington, DC - Winter 2007 

• Wallace Foundation Grantees Conference — The Role of Building Leadership in 

Initiating and Sustaining Change - New York, NY - Fall 2007 

• Wallace Foundation Grantees Conference - Building High Quality Principal Evaluation 

Systems - Washington, D.C. - Spring 2007 

• NASSP National Convention - SAI Representative - Las Vegas, NV - Spring 2007 

• Cisco Systems - 21 st Work Skills and Voice Over IP Systems - Winter 2007 

• Wallace Foundation Grantees Conference - St. Louis, MO ~ Fall 2006 

• Midwest Regional Middle Level Conference - Ames, IA ~ Fall 2006 

• FINE Foundation - Fall Conference - Using Research-Based Strategies to Increase 

Student Achievement - Des Moines, IA - 2005 

• Effective Leadership Strategies that Impact Student Achievement - McREL Seminar - 

Clive,IA- Fall 2005 

• State Principal Leadership Summit - Washington, DC - Spring 2004 

• NASSP National Convention - Orlando, FL - Spring 2004 

• Midwest Regional Middle Level Conference - Ames, IA - Fall 2003 


• Instructional Rounds in Waukee CSD-AEA 11 Superintendents -Fall 2010 

• Instructional Rounds in Waukee CSD - State Superintendent Network - Instructional 

Rounds Advisory Committee - Spring 2010 

• School Administrators of Iowa - Prospective Administrator Institute - Great Principals 

I Have Known: Characteristics of 'Exemplary Principals - Clive, IA - Fall 2008 

• Iowa Department of Education - Winter Update - Connecting District, Building, and 

Individual Teacher Professional Development Plans - West Des Moines, IA - 
Winter 2008 

• Board of Educational Examiners - Presentation on the Iowa Standards for School 

Leaders - Des Moines, IA - Winter 2007 

• Iowa World Languages Annual Conference - Luncheon Speaker - Experiences in the 5 

C's of World Language & the Implications to Iowa - Des Moines, IA - Fall 2007 

• State Board of Education - Presentation on the Iowa Standards for School 

Leaders - Des Moines, IA - Winter 2006 

• SAI Mentor/Mentee Training - Update on Iowa Leadership Standards and Criteria - 

West Des Moines, IA - Fall 2006 

• Midwest Regional Middle Level Educators Conference - Implementing a Student 

Leader-Based Character Initiative in Your Community - Ames, IA - Fall 2006 

• National Middle School Association National Conference - Implementing a Student 

Leader Based Character Initiative in Your Community - Philadelphia, PA - 2005 

• National Conference on Teacher Compensation and Evaluation - Using the Danielson 

Framework for Licensing and Employment - Chicago, IL - 2003 

• School Administrators of Iowa - Fall Conference - Two-Minute Classroom 

Obseivation Technique - Des Moines, IA - 2003 

• New Principals Workshop - Drake University - Addressed common concerns and 

triumphs associated with the principalship - Des Moines, IA - 2002 


• School Administrators of Iowa (SAI) 

• American Association of School Administrators (AASA) 

• Phi Delta Kappa International (PDK) 


• Grant Author - Kern Family Foundation - Project Lead the Way (PLTW) 

Implementation - 2007 

• Iowa Middle Level Principal of the Year - 2004 

• Middle Level Principal of the Year - District 1 1 - 2004 

• Iowa Scottish-Rite Ph.D. Fellowship Recipient - May 2000 

• Teacher of the Year - Parkview Middle School - Ankeny, IA - 1995-1996 


Mr. Paul Breitbarth - Board President 
Saydel Community School District 

Dr. David Wilkerson - Superintendent 
Waukee Community School District 
Waukee, IA 

Ms. Ann Hanigan - Waukee Education Association President and English Teacher 
Waukee Community School District 
Waukee, IA 

Dr. Troyce Fisher - Former Director - Wallace Grant 

Former Executive Director - 
Clive, IA 50325 

School Administrators of Iowa 


Provided as a part of the application process. 

Robert Burroughs, Ph.D. 

June 18, 2013 

Ms. Susan Churchill 

Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 
1305 East Walnut, Level A 
Des Moines, IA 50319-0150 

Subject: Director of the Iowa Department of Education 
Dear Ms. Churchill: 

The Department of Adniinistrative Services has announced a vacancy for the 
director of the Iowa Department of Education, an at-will position appointed 
by the Governor, contingent upon approval from the State Senate. 

After earning a doctorate in educational research, I accepted a position with 
Mountain Home Public Schools in Arkansas as a research specialist. I cur- 
rently work for the Iowa Department of Education as an educational consul- 
tant. My academic and professional experiences qualify me to apply for the 
director's position. 

Highlights from the enclosed resume that may interest you include: 

• Doctorate in educational research with a minor in statistics; 

• Master's degree in public administration; 

• Experience working in a public school district; 

• Knowledge of issues associated with K-12 and higher education; 

• Knowledge of the educational process; 

• Experience managing resources; 

• Experience presenting complex information to diverse audiences; 

• Working knowledge of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. 

I have attached, as a separate file, an essay outlining some of my ideas to 
help advance Governor Branstad's initiative. If you think my credentials can 
help the governor fulfill his mission for educational reform, then please feel 
free to contact me at your earliest convenience. My contact information is 
listed below: 


Suggested annual compensation 
Salary: $171,600-$202,800 
Travel: $6,860-88,956 

Best regards, 
Robert Burroughs 

end: Resume 

Robert Burroughs, Ph.D. 

Summary of Qualifications 

A dedicated, professional administrator with extensive experience in 
the field of education, whose expertise in program evaluation helps guide 
data-driven decisions. A proven leader recognized in 2012 for outstanding 
performance and achievement. 

Selected Skills and Accomplishments 

• Doctorate in educational research, with a minor in statistics. 

• Knowledge of issues in higher education. 

• Experience communicating with members of school boards, commissions, 
and other stakeholders. 

• Experience presenting technical information to diverse audiences. 

• Outstanding performance award, 2012. 

• Service award, 2012. 

Professional History 

Educational Consultant Iowa Department of Education. B012-present. 

• Lead and coordinate oversight with statewide efforts for data quality, 
technical expertise, and accountability for the community college MIS 

• Prepare reports for internal and external stakeholders and present 
findings during public meetings. 

• Provide technical assistance to secondary districts and community 
colleges to assess education programs. 

• Coordinate continuous quality improvement among the community 

Research Specialist Mountain Home Public Schools. 2003-2012, 

• Oversee and implement psychometric procedures for the district's 
formative assessment program, assuring veracity of data, analytic 
methods, and results; 

• Independently design, implement, and complete research studies to 
support curriculum, instruction, and assessment. 

• Analyze, interpret, and communicate statewide test results to school 
personnel, parents, and other stakeholders within specified deadlines. 

• Provide educational workshops for teachers, administrators, parents, 
or other appropriate groups. 

• Assist in evaluating district educational programs and projects. 
Research Assistant University of North Carolina-Greensboro. 2001-2003. 

• Responsible for designing technical specifications for the North Car- 
olina Child Welfare Pre-service Training Curriculum test of general 
knowledge, assuring veracity of data, analytic methods, and results. 

• Independently designed, planned, and completed research studies in 
support of the professional goals of the North Carolina Department 
of Health and Human Services. 

• Assisted DHHS personnel and Department of Social Work faculty in 
monitoring of data. 

• Assisted Social Work faculty with statistical preparation and report- 
ing of data. 


Ph.D. Educational Research and Methodology, University of North Garolina- 

M.P.A. Public Admimstration, University of North Carolina-Charlotte. 
B.S. Recreation Resources Administration, North Carolina State University. 


• Mountain Home Public Schools Award of Excellence. 2011-2012. 

• Mountain Home Public Schools Service Award. 2008-2009. 

Helping Students through Educational Reform 

Robert Burroughs 
June 17,2013 

Educational programs must benefit students and adult learners. House File 215, the 
historic education reform bill signed by Governor Branstad on June 3, 2013, has the 
potential to benefit all students and adult learners in Iowa. Successful implementation 
will depend upon the willingness of officials and administrators within the Department 
of Education (DE) to reform the department internally. 

On August 2, 2012, 1 arrived at DE from a school district in Arkansas, where I 
worked for almost nine years. As a current employee of DE, several stakeholders have 
confided in me about their concerns that vacillating leadership has set the department 
adrift. Recovering from this vacillation calls for a leader who will reform three core 
organizational areas; structure, culture, and leadership. Reforming two of these areas, 
organizational structure and organizational culture, depends upon refo rmin g the third: 
organizational leadership. 

To assure successful implementation of the education reform package, a certain 
amount of internal restructuring may be necessary. The current structure within DE 
fosters decentralization. A decentralized structure often leads to duplicated or over- 
lapping areas of responsibility. Some overlap may be inevitable; however, too much 
overlap leads to redundancy. Second, a decentralized structure begets islands of power. 
Inhabitants of each island develop and promote a culture unique to their island. Subse- 
quent attempts to centralize power invariably meet stiff opposition. 

I suggest realigning DE so it models a sound, coherent, centralized organizational 
structure, while giving employees more autonomy and flexibility in the decision-making 
process. My model would have six divisions: 

1. Office of the Director; 

2. Teaching and learning; 

3. Special Populations; 

4. Adult and Continuing Education; 

5. Operations and Student Services; 

6. Data and Reporting. 

Other than renaming some job titles and reassigning certain responsibilities, this 
proposed configuration should not need additional resources. Bureaus would align 



Helping Students 

logically to match the core functions of their respective divisions. Some groups, such 
as information technology and communication services, would report directly to the 
office of the Director. Realigning the organizational structure at DE would serve as an 
important first step toward returning attention to the department's core responsibility 
of educating students and adult learners. 

Change is scary. A realigned structure typically effects change within an organi- 
zation's culture. Spheres of influence may shift, with employees and administrators 
either embracing the new paradigm or fighting to maintain status quo. The current or- 
ganizational culture at DE depicts a bureaucracy more concerned about political image 
than about best practices in education. Ironically, encouraging best practices may do 
more to improve the political image of the department. Such a paradigm shift requires 
leaders w illin g to effect change. 

To effect change, a good leader willingly listens and learns from others. He keeps 
life in perspective by trying to keep things simple. He keeps an open mind. Not only 
does a good leader give credit where credit is due, but he also consoles failure and 
encourages perseverance. An effective leader knows where he wants to go, how he 
wants to get there, and when he should compromise. He inspires — but does not 
demand — passion for the cause and loyalty among subordinates. He is a role model. 

Leaders and administrators at DE should serve as trusted servants, working toward 
preparing K-12 students to become productive citizens and encouraging adult learners 
in their pursuit of life-long learning. Unfortunately, a few leaders at DE appear to focus 
more on personal image and self-preservation than on students. These are not leaders, 
for they place personalities above principles. 

A new director of DE should emphasize the following five concepts upon all ad- 
ministrators and employees: 

1. DE must apply best practices for the benefit of students; 

2. Professional progress depends upon unity; 

3. DE leaders are trusted servants; 

4. Good leadership at all levels is indispensable. 

5. Transparency is the key to trust. 

Best practices benefit everyone, especially students. Supporting best practices tran- 
scends all levels of education, from classroom teachers, through the Director's office, 
up to and including state-level political leaders. Society has entrusted educational lead- 
ers with its most important commodity: its children. Therefore, as trusted servants, 
administrators must strive to make good decisions in as transparent an environment as 
possible. Only through transparency will society continue its trust in its public servants. 

Successful implementation of the newly enacted educational reform package will 
call for repairing DE. The Department of Education is not broken, but it does need 
some renovations and preventive maintenance. Repairing DE requires a change agent. 
I am that agent. The DE employees whom I know come to work everyday prepared to 
give their best efforts to help students become productive citizens. Employees simply 
need a leader who will guide and direct them. I am that leader. 



Helping Students 

If Governor Branstad wants to move his reform package forward to the next level, 
then I will gladly offer my services as director. I think, with the support of Governor 
Branstad, legislators, and stakeholders, my suggestions to restructure DE will inspire 
its employees to make the newly enacted legislation a model of educational reform it 
deserves to be. 


June 13,2013 

The Honorable Terry E. Branstad 


State of Iowa 

1007 East Grand Avenue 

Des Moines, Iowa 50319 

Dear Governor Branstad: 

The Iowa Department of Education's current objective of improving student achievement through teacher 
leadership is one of my professional passions. Returning to Iowa a few years ago as an administrator, I 
have reacquainted myself with the educational system, people, processes, celebrations and challenges. 
During the previous thirteen years, I served as an educational leader in one of the top-ranked districts in 
the United States as well as on the national management team at The College Board. As I have done for 
the West Des Moines Community School District, a dream of mine is to continue to apply best practice 
paradigms from my background to the entire educational system of Iowa. Please consider my candidacy 
for the Director at the Iowa Department of Education. 

Properly implementing tbe current law requires vision facilitation, program development and a strong 
professional and educational background. Serving as an administrator in West Des Moines Community 
Schools, Hinsdale District 86 and in management at The College Board, I have had the opportunity to 
lead the direction of educational endeavors and to create and oversee important programs. In West Des 
Moines and Hinsdale, I have been lauded for leading a rigorous curriculum vision, developing 
measureable curriculum with feeder schools and spearheading articulated professional development. 
These are examples of my ability to collaborate with boards, stakeholders and unions. Professional 
learning communities, technology in the classroom, Character Counts, dual-enrollment, scheduling and 
staffing have been a few of my responsibilities. On the K-12 national management team at The College 
Board, I was recognized for my consulting work with large school districts for improving student 
achievement. Serving on the national professional development team, managing all Midwest consultants, 
overseeing professional development, and leading trainings for administrators, counselors and teachers 
were my primary roles. My academic background includes a B.A. in Political Science from the University 
of Kansas, a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in Leadership 
and Policy from Loyola University. As an educational leader both inside and outside the doors of a 
school district, my guiding values include student achievement, relationship building, shared leadership 
and professional standards. 

I am confident my professional experience paired with my educational background, would allow me to be 
a great leader at the Iowa Department of Education. We would implement the new legislation with 
passion and fidelity as well as continue to model and promote the standing mission of, "champion 
excellence for all Iowa students through leadership and service." Thank you for your time and 


Erika Cook, Ph.D. 

Vision Facilitation 

Consulted to large school district and state accounts in the Midwest working with professionals and boards 
Recognized for outstanding work in Lansing, Chicago, Milwaukee and Shawnee Mission 

Led a rigorous curriculum council expanding equity (over 33%) and excellence impacting measured achievement 

Served on the national professional development team at The College Board contributing to a vision by assessing need 

Created a registration committee working with the school board and union resulting in process improvements 

Facilitated the creation and implementation of measurable skill, content and citizenship curricula 

Spearheaded articulation and a professional development vision with several divisions and feeder school districts 

Analyzed state testing adoptions to measure relevant standards as a part of a regional team 

Worked with community leaders to create a non-profit to purchase school supplies for students in need 

Developed a new system for teacher improvement and evaluation on the Professional Growth Team 

Participated as a leader on several boards, recommending policies and practices in academia, government and business 

Program Development 

Developed and oversaw professional learning communities using standard assessments to analyze data 
Supervised all College Board professional development in the Midwest region (1 1 states) 
Recommended best practice on Curriculum Leadership Team and Curriculum Council 

Obtained grants by working with several districts and non-profits resulting in opportunities for students and faculty 
Implemented practice on a Technology Leadership Team and District Technology Advisory Council 
Created many activities hi support of the distinction, "National School of Character" 

Led Fall Counselor Workshops, New SAT trainings and PSAT Score Report Plus sessions for regional districts 
Ran dual-enrollment, NCAA, Central Campus, PSEO programming and outside relationships 
Directed staffing, master scheduling, program of studies, grading, conferences and graduation 

Education Management 

Served as an administrator at Hinsdale Central (3,000 students, 9-12) and Valley High (2,000 students, 10-12) 

Presided over personnel, curriculum, instruction, assessment, programming and operations 

Hired, evaluated, managed, remediated and terminated faculty members and consultants 

Served as the administrator for students including discipline, academics and special education 

Produced all building data requests and completed state BEDS, EASIER and supplemental weighting reports 

Worked on committees for Teacher Quality, DINA Transition and Professional Development 

Created and allocated capital, supply and professional development budgets 


West Des Moines Community School District, Leads Academics at Valley High School (Alumna) 
West Des Moines, Iowa: 201 1-Present 

EC2 Education Consulting, Provides services to schools, districts, states and governments 2004-Present 

Hinsdale Township School District 86, Led a Curriculum Division in Hinsdale District 86 
Hinsdale, Illinois: 2006-20 li 

The College Board, Served as an Educational Manager for the K-12 Division 
Evanston, Illinois: 2003-2004 


Hinsdale Central High School (Social Studies), Hinsdale, Illinois: 1998-2003; 2004-2006 
Northwestern University (Center for Talent Development), Evanston, Illinois: Summers 2004-2006 
Valley High School (Social Studies), West Des Moines, Iowa: 1996-1998 

Harmony Middle School, Blue Valley School District (World Language), Overland Park, Kansas: 1 995-1 996 
University of Iowa (Curriculum and Instruction), Iowa City, Iowa: 1993-1995 


Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy , December 2006 Aramco Fellow: Fall 2005, Saudi Arabia 

Loyola University: GPA: 4.0/4.0 

Fulbright Scholar: Summer 2002, New Zealand 

M.A. in Social Studies, May 1995 

University of Iowa: GPA: 3.9/4.0 Freeman Fellow: Summer 2001, China 

B. A. in Political Science. May 1992 Keizai Koho Fellow: Summer 2000, Japan 

University of Kansas: GPA: 3.4/4.0 

Fulbright Scholar: Summer 1998, South Africa 


Author. "Travel to Learn." Social Education. NCSS. May/June, 2013. 

Author. "A Rigorous Curriculum Really Matters." Principal Leadership. NASSP. April, 2013. 
Author. "Principals' Perceptions of Advanced Placement Equity in Illinois." Loyola University 2006. 
Author. "Maoris and MMP to Mt. Cook." Fulbright New Zealand. 2002. <>. 
Author. "A Day in the Life of a Japanese Family." Keizai Koho Center. 2000. <>. 


Presenter. "AP Equity and Excellence at Hinsdale Central." AP Teaching and Learning Conference. Elmhurst. 20 1 1 . 
Presenter. "Teaching Contemporary Japan: Keizai Koho Fellowships." NCSS. San Antonio. 2000. 
Presenter. "Environmental Children's Books." ICSS. Waterloo. 1997. 


Fulbright Association: National Selection, Chicago and Iowa Treasurer 
Chamber of Commerce: Leadership Academy 

Dirksen Center Federal Court Education Advisory Board: Former Chair 

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management Education Advisory Board: Former Member 
Northwestern University Center for Talent Development Advisory Council: Former Member 
Sister Cities Commission: Board Member 
National Geographic: Consultant 

The College Board: Advanced Placement US Government Consultant and Reader 


Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management 

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

Iowa Mediation Service 

National Council for the Social Studies 

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 

ETS Assessment Training Institute 

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law 

Illinois Computing Educators 

National Association for Secondary School Principals 

Hinsdale District 86 In-service 


The Honorable Senator Grassley's Office 
The Kansas Republican Party 
The League of Women Voters 

Leading Successful Schools land II 
Annual Conference 
Mediation Training 
Annual Conference 
Annual Conference 

Annual Conference for Sound Grading Practices 

lEPs, NCLB and IDEA of 2004 

ICE Technology in Education Conference 

Annual Convention and Exposition 

TREGO Analytical Decision Making Models 

Understanding by Design by Jay McTighe 

Danielson Supervision Model 


Galen Johnson 

Midwest Vice President 

Dr. Lisa Remy 


West Des Moines Community Schools 

Kurt Subra 

Chief Financial Officer 
Heartland AEA 

Dr. Lori Diebel 

Human Resources Director 

West Des Moines Community Schools 

Pam Bylsma 


Riverside Brookfield High School 

Kevin Pobst 


Naperville North High School 

Dear Human Resources Director, 

I am writing this letter of interest for the position of Director of the Department of Education as posted 
on My resume will detail the experiences that qualify me for this position. I currently 
hold an Ed.S. in K-12 education from Old Dominion University in VA. I earned a M.A. in English 
Technical Writing from Old Dominion University in VA. I also hold a B.A. in English/Secondary 
Education from Norfolk State University. I graduated with a B.A. as the top ranking senior in my 
graduating college class. In addition, I graduated Magna Cum Laude in my graduate programs. I hold a 
continuing license in DE and VA for School Leader H-Superintendent, Director, Principal, and English 

I recently relocated to Kansas City, MO to support SIG schools in the KCMO school district. As a Senior 
Project Manager for Pearson Education, I have served both the district and schools in implementing 
school reform to support student success. In this capacity, I oversaw teacher and administrative coaching, 
strategic planning, budget reform, redesigning school and district processes, literacy planning, common 
core implementation, and curriculum oversight. The schools in which my team served saw an increase of 
a minimum of 20% in ELA and math. In addition, graduation and school attendance witnessed increases. 

I have also served as a Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Mentor for Howard University Middle 
School of Math and Science. In this role, I supported professional development, fiindraising, student 
achievement, and school/board oversight. 

Prior to this, I relocated to DE from VA because of the astronomical strides in educational reform being 
made through the Race To The Top Initiatives in DE. I am committed to educating and ensuring 
learning for all students through establishing frameworks and accountability in any district. I am applying 
for this job because it affords me the opportunity to practice my fundamental belief that the collective 
commitment of all stakeholders is the only promising strategy for sustaining school reform. I have spent 
the last 16 years, working in all settings from urban to suburban education to validate this assumption. I 
am a committed, visionary leader. 

I have served as an administrator in K-12 public education. I served as the administrator on special 
assignment to the superintendent. I was responsible for the accountability frameworks for Race to the 
Top, Assessment, Data Disaggregation, District support of k-12 principals, alignment of school success 
plans, professional development; implementing the common core standards, and writing the K-12 
Consolidated Grant. I was appointed to the role by the retiring superintendent from my district as a 
support for K-12 education. Prior to this, I served as a high principal in Milford, DE. I was appointed to 
a school on year 3 of a corrective action plan due to low test scores- the state was restructuring the high 
school to move toward partnership zone. In this role, I facilitated the process of school-wide reform 
frameworks for high school to align the 9-16 pipeline. Within our first year of establishing professional 
learning communities, we were able to move our school in reading and math by about 25% points to 
make AYP from a state improvement plan to receive a Superior rating for the first time ever. In addition, 
we received a reduction in drop- out rates by 1 0% and discipline by 23%. The two year gain for math was 
34% points and 26% points in reading. The school received Superior status again for the 201 1-2012 
school year and is no longer on a corrective action plan. Through accountability systems and 
collaboration, we created a sustainable system for student achievement. 

Prior to this role, I served as a middle school principal in VA for three years. In this role, I worked 
collaboratively to reform two traditional middle schools (one failing-urban/ one passing-suburban) to 
more rigorous Middle Years IB programs. Through the alignment and revision of curriculum and 
assessment, staff role reclassification, using data to inform instruction and interventions, and professional 
learning communities, these middle schools collectively witnessed a 28% point gain in math and reading 
for all students. We wrote/ received the GEAR UP grant, a grant to ensure first generation students could 
attend college. We partnered with colleges and universities to offer tutoring, mentoring, and lesson study 

I have also served as an elementary assistant principal for one year and a middle school assistant 
principal for two years. In the role of an elementary assistant principal, I worked to write curriculum for 
grades k-5 and ensure that the programs being utilized were effective. As a middle assistant principal, I 
focused on instructional leadership and collaborative learning teams. We witnessed an 18% gain in 
reading and writing and were able to score in the Advanced range for all students. I co-wrote and 
received over $1.1 million in literacy grants during this time. 

My most important role was the instructional leadership I learned through teaching high school, 
alternative, and middle school English. I taught for several years and worked to increase the school-wide 
literacy through the development of a literacy plan and committee. In addition, I was afforded the 
opportunity to chair the panel to establish test and criteria for dual enrollment. 

I have provided district and state level training on professional learning communities, positive 
interventions, common core, community partnerships, grant writing, administrative leadership, 
walkthroughs, and special education among others. In addition, I have worked to leverage community 
resources for mentoring, funding, tutoring and program design through community priorities workshops 
and community partnerships. 

I was recognized as the regional Principal of the Year by Hampton University and received an award by 
Former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and received the WHRO Community Middle School 
of the Month Award for working to increase the outcomes of students in the community. These 
recognitions only went to further shine the light on how well students can perform when the right 
frameworks and supports are established. These recognitions were a true reflection on my students and 
community. I was recently nominated for the ASCD Leadership award. 

Volunteering is the key to a well balanced life; I have served on the board of visitors for Lincoln 
University since 2012. 1 serve on the Public Relations Committee for minority enrollment and scholars. I 
am a mentor to several high school and middle school students as well. 

Because I am cognizant of the primary role that education plays in a community's continuity and the 
changes needed for sustaining public education, I would welcome the opportunity to interview with 
your organization/district. I am available for an interview at your convenience. Please e-mail me at 
^gmm^mg^gg^all me at CHH^HHflHflKI^^RH) 


Tamara Cooper, Ed.S 

Vision: Change Leadership embraces the assumption that the embracing the collective power of all 
stakeholders is the only promising strategy to create and sustain systemic reform in any school. 

Belief Tenets: Educating children is the greatest contribution a community can make to ensure its 
continuity. Leadership is not our obligation but our privilege. 

Tamara Cooper 

Education: Ed.S. K-12 Supervision and Administration, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 
M.A. English Secondary Education, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 
B.A. English Secondary Education, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA 

Licensure: DE and VA K-12 Administration and Supervision Postgraduate Professional License 
DE Superintendent License/VA Superintendent License 
DE and VA English 6-12 Advanced Continuing License 
International Baccalaureate Certified Level 1 and 2 


Oct 2012-Present Senior Project Manager 

(demographics 70% minority and free and reduced lunch) 
Pearson Education, Washington DC 

• Developed Strategic and Literacy Plans for state, districts and schools 

• Provided Technical Support to Improve Student Achievement 

• Wrote Curriculum K-12 and PD K-12 

• Supported and developed plans for college preparedness and readiness 

• Monitored professional development implementation and walkthroughs 

• Presented leadership training for Marzano and Common Core implementation 

• Instrumental in increasing scores in SIG schools in ELA and math by 30% 

• Oversaw project implementation and efficacy 

• Implemented School Improvement Model through best instructional practices 

• Coached and mentored district and school administrators 

July 2012-June 2013 Director of Teaching and Learning and Consultant 

(demographics 100% minority and free and reduced lunch) 

Howard University Charter Middle of Mathematics and Science, Washington, DC 

• Developed Curriculum and Professional Development Plan for Common Core 

• Developed Strategic Plan for school 

• Designed and supported implementation of assessment framework 

• Mentored and counseled governing board 

• Wrote and received grants 

• Presented professional development for board and state officials 

May 20 12- July 2012 Administrator on Special Assignment to the Superintendent 

Milford Public Schools, Milford, DE 

Supported Principal Leadership k-12 

Designed Walkthrough forms to align with School Success Plans 
Co-Wrote plan for Focus School and state restructuring 
Co-Planned k-12 professional development 

Managed k-12 Accountability and Assessment as it relates to Race to the Top 
• Trained Co mm on Core Standards k- 12 

Worked Collaboratively to design comprehensive district strategic plan 
Co-wote district Consolidated Grant and Race to the Top Grant 
Designed District Intervention Strategies for Special Education 
Established District Framework for Rigor in AP and Honor's classes 

June 2010-2012 High School Principal (Transformational - ) Milford Public Schools, Milford, DE 

{Demographic Data - 54% free and reduced lunch - Student Make- Up- 55%White 
28% Black 12% Hispanic 5%other Setting- rural- suburban ) 

• Facilitated movement of the high school's ranking from the 18 th school in state to 
the 6 th school in state in one year 

• Facilitated process of school's removal from the state restructuring plan 

• Increased Math scores by 34% and Reading Scores by 26% on state testing 

• Increased graduation rates by 14% 

• Increased SAT Reading scores by 11% and SAT Math scores by 9% 

• Increased college and career readiness by 25% for all students 

• Implemented schoolwide reform frameworks: Professional Learning 
Communities, Response to Intervention, and Learning Focused Strategies 

• Developed and monitored School Success Plan and School Improvement Grant 

• Coordinated the District English Curriculum to align district curriculum and 
frameworks for k-12 frameworks 

• Facilitated school's movement from Improvement status to Superior status 

• Served on the Race to the Top Root Cause Research Committee- Focus on 
Special Education 

• Designed the SWAG Mentoring Program to decrease discipline for frequent 
concerns by 10% 

• Served as an administrator on the DDOB DP AS Component 5 Development 

• Presented at the Policy and Legislature Workshop 

• Collaborated with businesses to create community partnerships to provide seniors 
with externships and internships 

• Launched and piloted international partnership with a German School to share 
strategies and lessons 

• Supported development of State Recognized Mentoring Program 

• Designed and instructional resource database for high school teachers 

• Pilotted web-based credit recovery classes 

• Reduced Drop Out Rates 

• Received the DIAA Sportmanship Award 

• Participated in district and state walkthroughs 

June 2009-10 IB Middle School Principal Henrico County Schools, Henrico, VA 

{Demographic Data- 60% free and reduced lunch - Student Make-Up: 58% WJiite 
20% Black 22%other ELL- 38 languages- Setting- suburban) 

• Facilitated whole school IB framework from traditional school infrastructure 

• Increased AYP averages for free and reduced lunch students by 10% 

• Served on the Equity and Excellence Committee 

• Created Discussion Forum to link middle and high school lessons 

• Hosted /Attended district vertical articulation meetings 

June 2007-09 Middle School Principal IB MVP School Hampton City Schools, Hampton, VA 

{Demographic Data 92% free and reduced lunch -Student Make-TJp-92% Black 
8%White and other-Setting- urban) 

• Increased Scores by 25% for English and Math- year 1 

• Facilitated the process of full accreditation for the school 

• Assisted in writing and receiving Gear Up Grant 

• Established school-wide processes for International Baccalaureate Program, 
school-wide discipline, Professional Learning Communities, and parent 

• Co- Wrote and received the GEAR UP grant 

• Worked collaboratively with district and non-accredited schools to establish 
protocols for meeting AYP and accountability for all students 

• Partnered with community businesses and colleges for tutoring and k-16 
articulation (Old Dominion University, NASA, Hampton University, ECPI, 
Hampton Science Museum, Healthy Families) 

• Facilitated vertical articulation meetings all core subject areas 6-8 

• Co-chaired the Dual College Enrollment committee for Secondary Reform 

• Completed the Old Do mini on Leadership Academy 

• Served on the Superintendent's Leadership Committee 

• Wrote and received Lowe's Community Grant and Americorp's Teaching Grant 

• Co-wrote and received William and Mary Teaching Grant 

• Trained District Administrators on Professional Learning Communities 

• Trained Secondary Middle School Principals on Instructional Walks 

• Received WHRO Community Award for Middle School of the Month for 
creating promising futures for inner-city schools through community links 

June 2005-07 Middle School Assistant Principal H ampton City Schools, Hampton, VA 

(15% free and reduced lunch- student make-up 63% White and 30% black 7%other- 
setting- suburban urban) 

• Oversaw Reading and English Departments 

• Facilitated Reading Increase by 15% 

• Reduced Discipline Statistics 

• Oversaw School Budget and Scheduling 

• Managed Discipline grade 7 and 8 

• Developed Mentoring and Community Networks 

• Trained District on Writing Frameworks 

Jan. 2007-10 Middle Alternative Placement School Principal Hampton City Schools, Hampton, 

(Demographic Data-100% free and reduced lunch- Student Make-Up 93% Black 7% 
Wliite Setting-urban) 

• Managed Night School Program grades 8-10, GED, and expelled students 

• Increased successful transition of students back to regular school by 60% 

• Maintained the Day to Day operations for the program 

• Assisted in developing standards for new alternative school 

• Developed Curriculum for Academic and Discipline 

• Devised tracking data to eliminate the over-identification of certain populations 
for Special Education and discipline 

July 2006-07 Elementary Assistant Principal Fundamental School Hampton City Schools, 
Hampton, VA 

(Demographic Data-35% Free and Reduced Lunch- Student Make-Up 70% White 
25% Black 5% Other- Setting-urban) 

• Wrote Curriculum grades 3-5 

• Disciplined grades k-5 

• Evaluated Staff k-5 

• Designed Professional Development for Habits of Mind and Strategies 

• Trained staff on best practices for positive academic and behavioral 

• Led Schoolwide Book Chats and Positive Support for Elementary Students 

Aug.2004-05 English Department Chair /School Improvement Specialist VA Beach Public 
Schools, Virginia Beach, VA 

(Demographic Data 79% free and reduced lunch 45% Wliite 30% Black 25% Hispanic 
and Other -Setting- urban suburban) 

Facilitated School Improvement Processes 

Designed State Accountability Tracking Systems/Forms 

Increased AP Minority Enrollment 

Reviewed College and Scholarship Application Process 

Dual Enrollment Coordinator for Early College Admission for English 

Jan. 2000-09 English Teacher/ Program Supervisor ECPI, College of Technology, VA Beach, VA 
(Setting- Adult College/ Non-Traditional, Military, and Traditional) 

Taught Critical Thinking and English Composition 
Shared responsibility in developing curriculum syllabus 
Taught in Moodle and Online programs 

Aug. 1998-04 English Teacher High School/ Middle School Teacher/Department 

Chair/Alternative School Teacher Grades 6-12 Hampton City Schools, Hampton, 

(Demographic Data- Diverse Socio-Economic Environment-Ethnicity- All Settings-All 
Urban and Suburban) 

• Developed Curriculum and Lesson Plans 6-12 English 

• 94% Pass Rate on Standards of Learning State Tests 

• 100% Pass Rate on Dual Enrollment Interest Exam 

• Served as American Federation of Teachers Representative 

Affiliations: NASSP, ASCD, NAESP, and, AAUW 

Presentations: VASSP- Best Practices in Transforming Schools, AFT- Tales of a First Year Teacher, 
HCS-PLCs at the Secondary Level, NRC- Strategies for Secondary Reform, DE Council on Public 
Policy- Action Based Research, and VASSP- Positive Interventions for Student Success, District Level 
Principal Coaching and Professional Learning Communities 

Comprehensive School Review Participation: School To Watch Review Committee for Middle 
Schools, Comprehensive School Review DE Committee High School 

Awards/Recognition: Excellence In Education Regional Principal Award, University of VA Teacher 
Scholar Fellow 1999, WHRO Middle School of the Month, Technique Track Community Award, 
Teacher of the Year Nominee, Teacher of the Month, Teacher of the Year, FFA Leadership Award 

June 17, 2013 

Susan Churchill, Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 
1305 East Walnut, Level A 
Des Moines, IA 50319-0150 

Dear Search Committee, 

I am applying to be Iowa's Director. I have twenty-five years of experience as a school administrator, with 
twenty-two as superintendent. In my career I have been a teacher, a principal at every level, a 
transportation director, athletic director and coach. I know all sides of schools, students, teachers, teaching, 
and learning. I currently teach two college philosophy courses in one of my high schools. I am a lifelong 
learner, I am passionate about education, and I am passionate about Iowa. 

In my career I have facilitated school district reorganizations, long-range strategic planning, curriculum 
planning, and leadership teams. I currently have two school boards with twelve total members, and I invite 
you to talk to them all. I understand school finance completely, and I have helped my schools thrive in 
times of declining enrollment, and economic constraint. I have built academic and fine arts buildings, 
brought One-to-One computing to MFL MarMac High School, increased rigor and college-level courses, 
and supported efforts to level the socio-economic playing field between students. I have virtually 
complete support from my teaching staffs regarding my leadership and ability to motivate and provide 
long-range vision. I make my decisions carefully, yet expediently. I do this with continuous review of 
reliable data, first-hand knowledge, and constant conversations with those involved. 

I believe I understand what is needed to help Iowa thrive as an education state. I am politically astute as I 
feel one must be, but I care deeply, and put integrity above all else in my leadership process. I have the 
ability to handle extreme pressure. I know how to communicate my vision to groups, and I strive to 
involve as many people as possible in the collaborative process. The bottom line for me, however, would 
be that in all situations I work to identify the needs of children, and let that be the cornerstone of all my 

I have no salary expectations. My current compensation between two school districts is generous (1 60-ish). 
I have been lucky enough to save some resources, and I expect to take a considerable cut in pay to have the 
opportunity to lead Iowa. 

Thank you for considering my application and I hope to hear from you. 


Dr. Dale R. Crozier 

Former Vice President: HAWC of Early Childhood Iowa (formerly Empowerment). Howard, Allamakee, 
Winneshiek, and Clayton Counties, 2002-2011. Jones Countv-Empowerment and Decat: 1998-2001. 

Charter Board Member: Iowa Superintendent's Financial and- Leadership Consortium (ISFLC), 1997- 

Former Vice President and Co-Founder: Smith and Bulldog Daycares. Current ex-officio advisor to the 
board. This organization operates two daycares in Clayton County, one of which is on-campus at MFL 
MarMac, and integrates Head Start, Preschool, and Early Childhood Special Education. 

Current Board Member: Monona Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development. Past President: 
Monona Community Club, Past Member: Iowa Great Places and Wetlands Committees, McGregor, Iowa! 
Current Member: Main Street Matters, Lansing, Iowa. Alexander McGregor Award recipient: 2009. 

Successful coaching and athletic career, including NCAA Division II, and International competition. 


Dissertation-Practicum: "Effective Practices in Iowa School Reorganizations" December 31, 1998. This is 
a comprehensive study on change as observed through the reorganization process in Iowa schools. 

"The Importance of Academics," Insights, vol. 28, no. 2, December 1992 (Insights is a National publication 
by the John Dewey Society for the Advancement of Education. 

"Gaming Understanding," Insights, Vol. 28, no.l, March 1991. 


Representative Parti Ruff, (Former MFL Mar Mac Board Pr 
Patty Burkle, MFL MarMac Board President. 
Heather Schulte, Eastern Allamakee Board Pr esident 

Pat Heiderscheit, Chief Administrator, AEA I. 

Dwight Reid, Past Midland Board Member During Reorganization. 
PamHavlicheck, Chief Negotiator, MFL MarMac Teacher's Association 
Aria Wagner, President, Eastern Allamakee Teacher's Association. 


563-880-2772 crozierdr@mflmarmac, 


2001 -Pres. 




1998 Doctorate in Educational Leadership - Nova Southeastern University; Fort Lauderdale, 

Florida - Chicago Center. 

1 99 1 Specialist in Education . Educational Leadership - University of 


1985 Masters of Arts. History and Philosophy - Northwest Missouri State University. 

1983 Bachelor of Science . Public Administration-Political Science 

Northwest Missouri State University. 

1979 High School Diploma, College Community School District, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 


Nominee:, Superintendent of the Year, 2010. 

MFL MarMac: Breaking Barriers Award Recipient, 2011. 

President: AEA 1 Superintendents, 2010-11. 

President: Northeast Iowa Athletic Conference, 2009-2010, 

Member: Rebuild Iowa Organization (RIO) Education Task Force for the Flood of 2008. 

Superintendent . MFL MarMac Community Schools (Shared with Eastern Allamakee 
as of 201 1). Extensive involvement in Strategic Planning, Professional 
Development, Human Resources, Finance, Construction and Contract Negotiations. 

Superintendent, Midland Community Schools. Wyoming, Iowa, and 

Oxford Junction Consolidated Schools, Oxford Junction, Iowa. 

Completed a reorganization between Oxford Junction and Midland/Lost Nation, 


Superintendent and K-12 Principal. Wolbach Public, Wolbach, Nebraska. 

7-12 Principal and Athletic Director. Culbertson, Nebraska. 

Social Science Teacher and Coach, Akron- Westfield High School, 
Akron, Iowa. 

Adjunct Instructor: Northeast Iowa Community College. Philosophy and Ethics. 


Tyler P. Dern 


Relationship Manager/Account Executive with diversified experience in relationship management, sales, and 
sales training, Demonstrated ability to understand customer needs and apply sales strategy accordingly. 
Proven ability to create and maintain strong client relationships, effectively manage change, and identify 
future business opportunities. Expertise includes negotiation, creative problem solving, and team building, 
Strong knowledge of insurance, finance, and marketing concepts. Experienced in: 

Team building Negotiations 

Change management Outstanding client skills 

Revenue generation ' Presentation and communication 


Marsh and McLennan Companies Urbandale, IA 

2011 to 2013 

Senior Account Manager (AMIII) 

Served as the "single point of contact" for the clients' relationship with the company. Responsible for 
maintaining the relationship and increasing sales penetration of a $10 million book of high revenue clients 
owning 25 to 365 franchise restaurants, 

❖ Identified target markets and cross selling initiatives for commercial business owner's, workers 
compensation, and employment practices liability insurance 

♦I* Utilized client advocacy to position products and negotiate pricing in a hard market while average 
renewal premiums increased 15.1% 

❖ Maintained the flexibility to quickly reactto the myriad of changes in the account, market and 

❖ Evaluated risk management solutions for clients' commercial insurance exposures to mitigate claim 
experiences including lacerations as well as slip and fall accidents 

❖ Assisted in the program implementation by working with project and program management to 
develop a scope of work for an evolving account management role 

Allstate Insurance West Des Moines, IA 

2009 to 2011 
Financial Specialist 

Prepared and delivered sales training and promotional programs for the Eastern Iowa territory of agency 
owners, Provided sales leadership and sales closing support for agents' life insurance, annuity and mutual 
fund product segments, 

❖ Mentored agency owners and support staff in identifying and closing cross selling opportunities 

❖ Conducted presentations on topics including objection handling, prospecting, cross selling, and 
proposal writing 

❖ Managed agency motivation and sales effectiveness by providing regular coaching and feedback 

Farm Bureau Financial Services Carroll, IA 

2002 to 2009 


❖ Responsible for ensuring all regulatory, compliance, and transparency requirements are met 

❖ Hired, managed, trained, and evaluated a staff of sales associates and assistants 

❖ Maintained the relationship of 1,500 personal and commercial accounts 

❖ Negotiated key terms and pricing to obtain favorable programs for clients 

❖ Demonstrated successful leadership of sales associates and office assistants 

<* Designed and utilized social network marketing along with print and radio media to develop new 

clients, enhance the brand, and increase client retention 
*> Demonstrated client advocacy through needs based consultative approach 

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Carroll, IA 

2001 to 2002 

Financial Representative 

Produced life insurance sales by designing presentations and conducting sales appointments with clients. 

American Home Shield Carroll, IA 

1997 to 2001 

Renewals Sales Consultant 

Sold new home warranty contracts to former clients that elected to cancel their coverage. 
❖ Received sales production awards for top quarter producers 


Buena Vista University Storm Lake, IA 

Bachelor of Arts 

Double Major in Management and Business Administration 
Graduated with Highest Honors: summa cum laude, 4.0 GPA 


Insurance Licenses in Life, Health, Accident, Personal & Commercial Property Casualty, and Crop 


• Life Insurance - 8 years sales + 2 years sales leadership experience 

• Annuities - 8 years sales +■ 2 years sales leadership experience 

• Mutual Funds - 8 years sales + 2 years sales leadership experience 

• Commercial Insurance - 8 years consulting/sales experience 

• Health Insurance - 8 years consulting/sales experience 

• Personal Property/Casualty Insurance - 7 years consulting/sales experience 

Ancillaiy Product Experience 

• Indexed Annuities [Iowa Certified Indexed Annuity Sales} 

• Long Term Care (Iowa Certified for LTC Sales) 

• Variable Life Insurance and Annuities 

• Disability Income 


Churc hill, Susan [DAS] 


Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 4:32 PM 

To: Churchill, Susan [DAS] 

Subject: Ann Hammer's Application for "Director, Department of Education" 


Education Week 


Hello Susan Churchill: 

Please consider me as a candidate for 'Director, Department of Education'. You 
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Thank you in advance for your consideration, 

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Chair, Division of Education/Applied Arts 

Ann Hammer 


1 amwelacquaJrtedwSth dtftiYigedijcalonalgoalsarKi cha?enges. Mytemreas a teacher, principal special programs d/edw, superintended, and coSege 
professoffadminlsfrator has given me inSghtlnio ihe needs and directions of edicaSon. 


Application date 

Position Type 

0&04J201 3 1731:09 

Director, Departnentof Education 

Stale of leva 

RjB Time- 12 Month 

Req ID #12221 BR 

The Governor of the State of Iowa is 

seeking candidates for the position of Director of the Department of 
Education. This position is appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation 
by the Iowa Senate, and will serve at the pleasure of the Governor. 

The Director of the Department of 

Education is responsible for a II operations of the department, including program 
administration, the budget and personnel, and provides leadership and vision to 
the education system, working with the State Board of Education on long-range 
strategic planning a nd developmen t of education po licy. The director promotes 
educational programs designed to increase student achievement and improve the 
well-being and productivity of the people of Iowa. 

Landmark education reform, proposed 

by the Governor and passed by (he 2013 Legislature, promises to establish a 
teacher leadership structure in every school district in Iowa. Implementation of 
this sweeping initiative and building on oiher reforms in the bill will be key 
responsibilities of the director. 

Minimum Qualifications 

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master's Degree in Education or related 
field and ten years of progressively responsible teaching, training, consultative or administrative 
experience in educational programs, three years of which must have been in a supervisory, 
managerial or leadership capacity. 

How to Apply 

Applications may be submitted by US mail or fax to the attention of Susan Churchill at Iowa 
Department of Administrative Services, Hoover State Office Building 1305 East Walnut, Level A Des 
Moines, Iowa 50319-0150 Fax: 515-242-6450, or on-line at: and search for 
Req ID #12221 BR. 

Additional instructions 

All applicants must submit a cover letter and resume by 4:30 pm (CST) on June 21, 2013. Within 
the cover letter, applicants must demonstrate experience and knowledge in the following 
areas: Leadership and vision working with educational boards and stakeholders. 

• Leadership and vision working with educational boa rds and stakeholders. 

■ Development and oversight of key educational programs. 

■ Administration within a medium to large educational system or district. 



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Vita HLCAEH 2C13.doc 



PosSion Type Fu3 Time - 12 Month 

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Experience since 


Organization Type 

Grade Level 

Teaching field 

Search Intensly 

Avail abB ity 


Annual Salary 


D>edor/M areg erCoor dn^or 




Employed, saEsfied 

AvaSabte In ths future (08/01/2013) 

WJI relocafe 



Contactfiame Ann Harrmer 

Primary Email 

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Ann E. Hammer 


Ed.S. Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, 2005 

Field of Study: Educational Administration (Superintendent) 

Thesis: Computer Availability and Academic Achievement in Missouri 
Public Schools 

Committee Members: Dr. William Agnew, Chair; Dr. Ken Holloway; Dr. Allan Crader 

M.S. Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville, MO, 1982 

Field of Study: Teaching Reading and Education Administration 

B.S. Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO, 1972 

Field of Study: Elementary Education 
Graduated cum laude 


Division Chair, Education & Applied Arts 
Culver-Stockton College 

Professor & Director of Teacher Education 
Culver-Stockton College 

Superintendent (Retired) 
Wellsville-MiddletownR-I School District 

Special Programs Director (K-12) 
Canton R-V School District 

Elementary Principal (K-6) 
Canton R-V School District 

First and Second Grade Teacher 
Canton R-V School District 

^ Fall 2010- Present 
Canton, Missouri 

Canton, Missouri 

Wellsville, Missouri 

Canton, Missouri 

Canton, Missouri 

Canton, Missouri 

Special Education Teacher (K-8) 
Palmyra R-I School District 

Palmyra, Missouri 

Hammer 2 


• Education Technology Lab 

• Simulated Education Classroom 


• Special Education Local Improvement Practical Parenting Partnerships 

• Competitive Technology 

• Goals 2000 

• Incentives for School Excellence 

• Industrial Technology 

• Pre-School / Day Care 

• School Health 

School-Aged Child Care 
Technology Acquisition 
Technology Literacy Challenge Fund 

• Vocational Business 


I. Courses Taught - Culver-Stockton College 

Classroom Organization & Management 

Foundations of Education 

Middle School Curriculum 

Middle School Philosophy 

Psychological Diagnosis of Children 

Directed Student Teaching 


II. Professional Activities 


Association of Middle Level Education National Conference 

"Middle School in High-Definition" November 2012 

"Middle School-There's An App for That" November 2012 


Missouri Middle School Association Professional Development Conference 
"Middle School in High-Definition" September 2010 

"Middle School Students in Professional Learning Communities" March, 2008 

Hammer 3 

Invited Speaker: 

Iowa Wesleyan College 
"Interviewing 101" 

Invited Speaker: 

Culver-Stockton College Faculty Assembly 
"A Challenge to Embrace Change" 

Culver-Stockton College Faculty Retreat 
"Teaching Methods" 
"What Is Assessment" 

November 2008 

November 2009 

August 2009 
August 2007 

Culver-Stockton College Freshman Orientation 
"Millennials in the Classroom" 
"Top Ten Tips for Freshman Parents" 
"Top Ten Tips Parents Should Know" 

Culver-Stockton College Business Division Assessment Workshop 
"Aligning Course & Learner Objectives with Your Syllabus" 

Culver-Stockton College Phi Eta Sigma Induction 
"Making Music" 

August 2008 
May 2008 
August 2007 

July 2007 

October 2006 


Manuscripts: (peer review) 

Hudson, S., Mosher, J. & Hammer, A. (in progress). Co-teaching in the trenches. 
Hudson, S., Hammer, A. & Mosher, J. (in progress). Constant time delay in middle school 

Articles/Manuals: (non-peer review) 

Student Teaching Manual Revision 2007 

Teacher Education Manual Revision 2013 

in. Professional Affiliations 

Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education 2006-Present 

Missouri Middle School Association 2006-Present 

National Middle School Association 2006-Present 

ASCD 2006-Present 

Missouri Association School Administrators 2003-Present 

Missouri Association Rural Educators 2003-05 

Phi Delta Kappa 1984-00 

NE MO. Association of Elementary School Principals 1982-96 

• President 1988-89 

• Vice President 1987-88 

Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals 1 982-96 

• Program Committee 1988-90 

Hammer 4 

National Association of Elementary School Principals 1990-92 
Missouri Art Education Task Force 1988-91 
Network of Outcome Based Schools 1989-91 


Advisor of the Year 2012 

• Culver-Stockton College 

Distinction in Performance School Award 2005 

• One of 20 public schools recognized state-wide for academic performance 

Golden Apple School Award (DESE Incentives for School Excelfence Grants) 1 996 

• One of 15 schools recognized state-wide for innovative grant funding 

National Distinguished Principal-Missouri 1991 

• One awarded per state 

• Nominated by peers 


• Superintendent K-12 

• Principal K-8 

• Elementary Education K-8 

Shaun Johnson, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Elementary Education 
Towson University 

Re: Director, Department of Education, state of IA 
Susan Churchill: 

Allow me to be brief. I am seeking a high-level leadership position in education. As such, 
I am an experienced educator and scholar. I know what I am talking about regarding ■ 
education reform, policy, and how they intersect with politics. 

If you seek someone who knows various educational issues inside and out, and has actual 
classroom experience, then that is me. 

I appreciate your consideration. 

Best wishes, 

Dr. Shaun Johnson 

haun John 




Emai l: J 
Cell: ■ 

Assistant Professor of 
Elementary Education 


Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction at Indiana University (2009) 
Major: Curriculum Studies 
Minor: Education Policy 

Dissertation: A Collaborative Intervention to the Lack of Male Teachers 

Master of Arts in Teaching at The American University (2002) 
Major: Elementary Education (K-6) 

Bachelor of Arts at The American University (2000) 
Major: Psychology 


Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, Towson University, 2009-present. 
Perspectives in Urban Education 
School & American Society 
Professional Development School Internship Supervisor 
Elementary Social Studies Methods 
Practical Conversations on Gender in the K-12 Classroom 

Classroom teacher, Potomac Lighthouse DC Public Charter School, 2012. 
Taught 2 nd grade four-week summer program 

Volunteer Instructor, The Baltimore Free School, 2012. 

Democracy and Education Reform; Info at http:// 

Classroom teacher, Potomac Lighthouse DC Public Charter School, 2010-201 1 
Taught combined 4^/5^ grade four-week summer program 

Instructor in Curriculum & Instruction, Indiana University, 2007-2008. 
Men in Education and Male Teachers (graduate seminar) 

Graduate Instructor in Curriculum & Instruction, Indiana University, 

Elementary Social Studies Methods 
Field Experience Supervisor 

Education Blog 
and Rodio Show 

At the Chalk Face 
f2010-present): s elf- 
produced weekly radio 
show about current 
issues in education on 
Blog Talk Radio. 

The blog chronicles 
various issues within 

http:/ / atthechalkface.c 

Fifth Grade Teacher, Oakland Terrace ES (MCPS), Silver Spring, MD, 

Fifth Grade Teacher, Summer Extended Learnings Broad Acres ES (MCPS), 
Takoma Park MD, 2004-2005. 

Fifth Grade Teaching Assistant, Hyde ES (POPS), Washington, DC, 2001-2002. 

Teaching Assistant, Lab School of Washington, Washington, DC, 2000-2001. 
Primary Classroom (Fall & Spring) 
Secondary Media Literacy (Summer) 
Primary Drama (Summer) 

Peer Reviewed Publications 

Johnson, S. (accepted, 2013). Plutocracy and education reform. Journal of 
Education and Teaching. 

Johnson, S. (accepted, 20 1 3). Year one as ah education activist. Workplace: A 
Journal for Academic Labor. 

Johnson, S. (2013). Mentoring men in early childhood education. In 

Mentoring: Working ivith Diverse Populations. New York: Allyn-Bacon. 

Johnson, S. (2013). Stanley Aronowitz. In Educating about social issues in the 
20 th and 21st centuries: An annotated bibliography. (Pederson, J., & 
Totten, S., Eds). New York: Information Age. 

Johnson, S. (2012). Book review: Critical theories, radical pedagogies, and social 
education: New perspectives for social studies education (DeLeon & Ross, 
eds.). Theory and Research in Social Education. 

Boyle-Baise, M.L., Chu, M.C.Johnson, S., Serriere, S., & Stewart. D. (201 1). 
Trying to revalue elementary social studies: Dilemmas and insights. Social 
Studies Research and Practice, 6:2, 135-150. 

Johnson, S. (201 1). A new perspective on the lack of men in education.Jn 

Watson, L. (Ed.) Go whmyou belong: Male teachers as cultural workers in the lives 
of children, families and communities. Boston: Sense Publishers. 

Johnson, S. & Weber, B. (201 1). Toward a genderful pedagogy and the teaching 
of masculinity. Journal of Men's Studies, 19(2), 138-158. 

Johnson, S. (201 1). Changing conversations on male teachers. In Harrison, M. 
& Schnarrs, P.W. (Eds.) Beyond borders: Masculinities & margins: The 1 7th 
annual American men's studies association conference proceedings. Harriman, TN: 
Men's Studies Press, 253-266. 

Research interests 

Education Reform 
Gender & Education 
Masculinity & Men's 

Elementary Social Studies 
Urban Agriculture 


Johnson, S. (2010). Still so few male teachers: Now what? Young Children, 65:2, 

Johnson, S. (2010). Men in education: Refraining the Gender Issue. In 

Perspectives on Gender in Early Childhood. Jacobson, T. (Ed). St. Paul: Redleaf 

Boyle-Baise, L., Hsu, M., Johnson, S., Cayot-Serriere, S., and Stewart, D. 
(2008). Putting reading first: Teaching social studies in elementary 
classrooms. Theory and Research in Social Education, 36:3, 233-255, 

Johnson, S. (2008). The woman peril and male teachers in the early 20th 
century. American Educational History Journal, 35:1. 

Johnson, S. (2008). Book review: Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax. journal of Men and 
Masculinities,^ 25, 2008, DOI 10.1177/1097184X08322615. 

Education Policy Briefs 

Johnson, S. 2008. The status of male teachers in public education today. 

Education Policy Brief, Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, Indiana 
University, 6:4. 

Stanley, K., Spradlin, T., &Johnson, S. 2008. Models of state K-12 educational 
governance: Where does Indiana Stand? Education Policy Brief, Center for 
Evaluation and Education Policy, Indiana University, 6:1. 

Johnson, S., & Spradlin, T. 2007. Alternatives to the traditional school-year 
calendar. Education Policy Brief, Center for Evaluation and Education Policy, 
Indiana University, 5:3. 

Publications Under Review and Draft Form 


Game Designer and 
Education Consultant 
for an educational 
video game, 
Information in 
Place Inc., 

Bloomington, IN, Apr! 
2008— November 

. Boyle-Baise, L., & Johnson, S. (draft in progress., 2013), Chapter 6: Store. In 
Young Citizens of the World: Teaching Social Studies Through Civic Engagement 
(Boyle-Baise & Zevin, 2009). New York: Routledge. 

Johnson, S. (draft in progress). Conclusions from a course integrating service 
learning and community agriculture. For Theory and Research in Social 

Johnson, S. (draft in progress). A faculty member's return to the classroom. 
For Rethinking Schools. 


Digital Media and Public Forums 

Daily contributor to my own education blog and radio show since 2010. See the 
following links: 

• At the Chalk Face: http:// 

• At the Chalk Face Radio: http:/ chalkface 

Regular contributor to The Huffington Post. See my author profile at: 

Contributor to Inside Higher Education. See the following for examples: 
' http : / / views / 2011/11/1 4/essay-need- 
academics-move-b eyond-j ournal-articles 


• http:/ / 

Editorial for the Baltimore Sun. See the following link: 

http:/ / opinion/ oped/bs-ed-school-testing- 
201 10825,0,5413261print.story 

Contributor to GOOD Magazine. See the following link: 

http:/ / posts/ why-america-s-prep-schools-aren-t-following- 

Contributor to EdVoices. See the following link: 

http:/ / 20 1 1 /Q5/ 1 9/stxaight-from-tne-bullieds- 

Professional Presentations Professional 

Voices for Education 2013 at the 92T Tribeca with Wendy Kopp, Matthew Bishop, 
Danielle Sachs, Shaun Johnson, Andrew Mangino, Harold O'Neal, Natalia 
Mehlman Petrzela, and Daniel Petter-Iipstein. Invited panel at the 92 nd 
Street Y, April 4 th , 2013, New York, NY. 

Student Voices: Their Impressions of Education Reform (with student co-presenters Kate 
Chesser & Kristian Rusher). Presentation at the annual Progressive 
Education Summit, January 26 th , 2013, Baltimore, MD. 

Tou*re @ the Chalk Face: Welcome to a Ihe, Online Taping of Progressive Edreform Talk 
Presentation at the annual meeting of the College and University Faculty 
Assembly of the National Council for Social Studies, November 15 th , 2012, 
Seattle, WA. 


• Member-American 
Research Association 

• Member- American 
Men's Studies 

" Association 

• Member-American- 
Association of 

• Member-National 
Council for the Social 


What is at Stake for K-12, Higher Education, and the Curriculum and Pedagogy Group in 
this Era of High Stakes Reform? Panel presentation at the annual meeting of 
the Curriculum and Pedagogy Group, November 7 th , 2012, New Orleans, 

Opting Out of High-Stakes Testing: Why and How. Invited presenter at the first 
annual Save our Schools People's Convention, July 30 th , 2012. 
Washington, DC. 

Invited Panelist at the Occupy Wall Street Panel for iheNEA Peace and Justice Caucus. 

National Education Association Representative Assembly, July 3 rd , 2012. 
Washington, DC. 

From Occupying the Department of Education to Occupying the Conversation on Education 

Reform: A Social Primer. Presentation at the annual Rouge Forum, June 22 nd , 
2012. Oxford, OH 

Men in Early Childhood Education. Presentation at the annual meeting of the 

American Educational Research Association, April 14 th , 2012, Vancouver, 
British Columbia. 

Sowing Seeds, Sowing Action: Service-Learning and Urban Agriculture. Presentation at the 
annual meeting of the National Council for Social Studies, December 2, 
2011 Washington, DC. 

Social Studies Educators Engaged in Social Discourse: Role Models or Ignorant Activists? 
Panel presentation at the annual meeting of the College and University 
Faculty Assembly of the National Council for Social Studies, December 1, 
201 ^Washington, DC. 

Social Studies, Social Action, and Sustaining the City Farm. Paper to be presented at the 
annual meeting of the College and University Faculty Assembly of the 
National Council for Social Studies, November 30, 20 1 1, Washington, 

Clearing a Time-Honored Trail: Social Studies as a Pathway to Environmental literacy. 

Panel presentation at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study 
of Literature and the Environment, June 22 201 1, Bloomington, IN. 

Social Studies, Social Action, and Urban Agriculture on a College Campus. Presentation at 
the annual meeting of the American Association of University Professors, 
June 1 1th 201 1, Washington, DC. 

The Manliness of Education Reform. Presented at the second event for Towson 
Spark, Towson University, May 4th, 2011. 


A Frank Discussion of Service Learning in Elementary Education (student co-presenters 
Michelle Richardson and Emily Taylor). Presentation at the fourth 
Service Learning and Civic Engagement Conference, April 9th 201 1, 
Owings Mills, MD. 

School-Based Community Gardens: A Growing Part of Area-Wide Brownfield 

Development. Panel presentation at Brownfields 201 1, April 5 201 1, 
Philadelphia, PA. 

The Manliness of Education Reform, Paper presented at the annual meeting of the 
American Men's Studies Association, April lst-3rd 201 1, Kansas City, 

Invited panelist at screening of Race to Nowhere. Held at Young Scholars of Central 
Pennsylvania Charter School, March 4th, 201 1, State College, PA 

A Dearth of Diverse Masculinities in the Social Studies. Paper presented at the annual 
meeting of the College and University Faculty Assembly of the National 
Council for Social Studies, November 12 th , 2010, Denver, CO. 

University Professors: Agents of Change or the Status Quo? Presentation at the annual 
meeting of the American Association of University Professors, June 1 1th, 
2010, Washington, DC. 

A Qualitative Intervention to the Lack of Men in Education, Presentation at the annual 
meeting of the Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference, June 
5th, 2010, Cedarviile, OH. 

Urban Agriculture and the Towson University Garden Project (along with Jeffrey Bothe & 
Liz Schatz). Presented at the Towson University Service-Learning and 
Civic Engagement Conference, April 10 th , 2010, Towson, MD. 

Evaluating the Depictions of Masculinity in Elementary Social Studies. Paper presented at 
the annual meeting of the American Men's Studies Association, March 
26th, 2010, Atlanta, GA. 

Going Green and Eating Them Too: An Elementary Social Studies Unit About Food. 
Presented at the annual meeting of the Middle States Council for the 
Social Studies, February 25th, 2010, Gettysburg, PA. 

Teaching Masculinity: Reframing the Male Teacher Conversation. Paper presented at the 
6 th International Conference on Teacher Education and Social Justice, 
December 5th, 2009, Chicago, IL. 


Understanding Gender in the Social Studies: Conversations about the Light— Considering the 
Shadows. Symposium participant at the annual meeting of the College and 
University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for Social Studies, 
November 12th, 2009, Atlanta, GA. 

Courageous Conversations: Collaborating with Teachers to Revitalize Elementary Social 
Studies. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American 
Educational Research Association, April 14th, 2009. San Diego, CA. 

Teaching Masculinity: Defining and Reframing Male Teacher Discourse. Paper presented 
at the annual meeting of the American Men's Studies Association, April 
5th, 2009, Montreal Quebec, Canada. 

Gender Justice and the Case for Male Primary Teachers. Paper presented at the annual 
meeting of the College and University Faculty Assembly of the National 
Council for Social Studies, November 12th, 2008, Houston, TX. 

A Collaborative Intervention to the Lack of Male Teachers. Paper presented at the 5th 
International Conference on Teaching and Social Justice, June 8th, 2008, 
Chicago, IL. 

A Collaborative Intervention to the Lack of Male Teachers. Paper presented at the annual 
meeting of the American Men's Studies Association, April 4th, 2008, 
Winston-Salem, NC. 

Putting Heading First: Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Classrooms. Paper presented 
at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, 
March 27th, 2008, New York, NY. 

Elementary Social Studies and the Omnivore's Dilemma, Poster session presented at the 
annual meeting of the National Council for Social Studies, December 1st, 
2007, San Diego, CA. 

The Teaching of Punk to Forge Common Understandings in Youth Culture. Paper 

presented at the annual meeting of the College and University Faculty 
Assembly of the National Council for Social Studies, November 28th, 
2007, San Diego, CA. 

The 'Woman Peril* and Male Teachers in the Early 20th Century. Paper presented at the 
annual meeting of the Midwest History of Education Society, October 
19th, 2007, Chicago, IL. 

Service Commitments and Committees 

University Curriculum Committee (active): meets one evening per month 

Treasurer of Local Chapter of American Association of University Professors (active): elected 
to two consecutive terms of one year each. 

College Technology Committee (active): meets one afternoon per month. 

Faculty Advisor for Local Chapter of Students for Education Reform (active). 

Faculty Co-Advisor for Campus Community Urban Farm (active). 

Department Diversity Committee (201 1-2012): met once per month to conduct a 
diversity audit of our department. 

College Awards Committee (2010-2012): met one afternoon per month to plan a 
spring Awards Day ceremony for faculty, staff,, and students. 

University Course Approval Reporting Committee (2010-201 1): met one afternoon per 

University Faculty Service Learning Fellow (20 1 0-20 1 1): met once per month to 
discuss integration of service-learning into current course. 

Grants and Fellowships 

Towson University Alumni Association Community Grant, Towson University, 
2012. $1000 

Sendce4eaming Fellows Grant, Office of Student Affairs, Towson University, 
2010. $1000 

France-Merrick Research Grant, College of Education, Towson University, 
2010. $3000 

Professional Development Grant, College of Education, Towson University, 
2010. $3000 

Chancellor's Fellowship, Wright School of Education, Indiana University, 2005- 
2009. Four years tuition remission, associate instructor teaching contract 
plus annual supplementary financial award, fully funded one year off 
teaching to complete dissertation 

Daisy Jones Fellowship, Wright School of Education, Indiana University, 2006. 
Financial award for dissertation research on men in education 


Collegial and Professional References 

Dr. Bess Altwerger. Towson University, Department of Educational Technology 
and Literacy. 

Dr. Lynne Boyle-Baise. Indiana University-BIoomington, Department of 
Curriculum and Instruction. (BfiBMBIHmH^H^HH^SBStt 

Dr. DougPryor. Tows on "University, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and 
Criminal Justice. 

Dr. Tim Slekar. The Pennsylvania State University-Altoona, Education, 
Human Developmnt> and Social Sciences. 

Dr. Brenda Weber. Indiana Unn 

on, Department of Gender 


Dear Department of Education Hiring Committee: 

I am writing to apply for your position Director, Department of Education. 

I am a flourishing beneficiary of educational opportunity. Thus, I am called to be an 
educator because I firmly believe all people must be given an opportunity to compete for 
the fruits of American society regardless of the class into which they were born. This 
helps ensures our society is built upon talent and not privilege. 

Along with being an educator, I am also a U.S. Air Force Reserve commissioned officer. 
I was activated after the September 11, 2001 attacks under Presidential Reserve Call-Up 
Authority and recently returned from war in Iraq. ' 

Considering these diverse experiences combined, I believe you will find the following 
cumulative aspects of my .background exceptionally attractive: 

* Skills, Abilities, & Experience. Project team leader, supervisor, and manager; school-, 
district-, and higher education administrator; data analyst and evamator; graduate 
university traditional and online educator and researcher; curriculum developer. 

* Communication Skills. Expert public speaker and presenter. Tech savvy. Office master. 
Established magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. Scripted the Multi-National Forces- 
Iraq Commanding General's testimonies to congress. 

* Supervisors' Remarks. Curious, intelligent, and thoughtful; enthusiastic; diplomatic; 
energetic; confident; adaptable and collaborative; detailed problem-solver and decision 
maker; customer oriented; resourceful; ready and able to learn; mission driven. 

Given the fit between my calling and your educational mission, the Department of 
Education can be confident that I can brilliantly fulfill the duties of Director, Department 
of Education. 

Thank you for your consideration. 
Sincerely yours, 
David E. Johnson, Ed.D. 





To ensure PK-12 educational opportunities are available to today's learners as they were for me, using my 
diverse talents, knowledge, skills, and abilities in a significant administrative role. 

• Recognized leader and manager with extensive academic preparation and rich experience in education and 
military service. 

• School- and district-level administrator, university educator, and higher education trustee board leader. 

• Dedicated U.S. Air Force Reserve commissioned officer who recently returned from war in Iraq, and who 
PRESIDENTIAL RESERVE CALL-UP AUTHORITY in various critical settings and capacities. 

• Skills include researching, evaluating, analyzing, writing, and presenting in content areas as diverse as 
curriculum and instruction to Intelligence and national security. 

Leadership and Effectiveness 

• Adrninistered cooperative education, technical education initiative, and SchooI-to-Work programs, thereby 
ensuring enlarged and future- and technology-oriented educational opportunities for all students. 

• Built, awarded, and managed institutions' grants, general funds, capital funds, and transportation budgets, 
successfully guiding departments, schools, and districts through strategic budgetary specifications and 
unforeseen reductions. 

• Formulated a faculty teaching-portfolio and award process, assuring deserving faculty members were 
recognized by the wider community for their distinguished teaching, scholarly, and service achievements. 

• Managed large-scale assessment programs for Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Fort Worth and 
Houston school districts totaling more than $2,000,000 in revenues, resourcefully meeting company and 
customer goals. 

• Directed $12,000,000 college capital campaign from inception and implementation to triumph, providing 
student scholarship support, academic chairs, and unrestricted funds for operations and maintenance. 

• Organized and led college alma mater fundraising project garnering an unprecedented $58,611, thus 
increasing student academic scholarships and fellowships and strengthening college persistence. 

• Directed the Combined Federal Campaign as the HQ U.S. European Command Manager, raising a bountiful 
$365,359, supporting worldwide humanitarian, educational, and social support activities. 

• Spearheaded employing statistical processes testing covariance of donations to donor-characteristics to 
identify key prospects, successfully reducing the number of personal calls while increasing the average 
gift amount 

• Employed interpersonal skills to lead a 15-member Intelligence team, leveraging their strengths and talents 
to meet Air Force Reserve Inspector General compliance requirements, resulting in a FULLY 
COMPLIANT rating and a SUPERIOR TEAM award. 

• Supervised the Combined Intelligence Operations Center, Multi-Natkmal Forces-Iraq, solving 
multifaceted problems and achieving on-time delivery of over 2,800 multiple Intelligence products. 

• Collaborated with other HQs organizations to structure the content and performance of the Multi -National 
Forces-Iraq commanding general's weekly Joint Campaign Plan briefings, allowing him to determine 
whether national wartime strateg ic objectives were being met. 

• Developed 25 information briefs for the Multi-National Forces-Iraq commanding general, which allowed 
him to speak authoritatively in testimonies to the U.S. Congress and briefings to the Secretary of Defense. 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Developed and enacted an academic achievement plan by establishing academic standards, auditing the 
written curriculum to standards, and then aligning curriculum guides and assessment materials; in so doing 
ensuring students were prepared for and beyond statewide standardized tests, thereby improving academic 
achievement and test scores. 

Supervised and monitored textbook, instructional materials, software, and equipment selection, resulting 
in materials that met effective pedagogical principles, as well as state school board and local community 

Collaborated with district music teachers to successfully align the district curriculum to state standards; 

Dedicated PK-12 Educational Leader Resume Page 1 of 2 

and through these means, identified and complied with the requirement for a keyboard component. 

Research, Evaluation, and Data Analyses 

Directed statewide testing programs for districts, analyzed and reported results, and then led process- 
improvement methods to isolate and address impediments, resulting in continuous academic improvement. 
Employed SPSS' statistical processes to analyze suspensions and expulsions by race and/or ethnicity, using 
the findings to effectively resolve community accusations of the racist application of student discipline. 
Created and regularly delivered a dashboard report to college foundation board of trustees, easily keeping 
trustees, board members, and institution representatives abreast of critical board and school measures of 

Relations with the Public 

Represented school districts in meetings and events, and to print and visual media outlets, consequently 
increasing community involvement and improving public confidence and satisfaction with school districts. 
Coordinated and participated in MLK-Day commemorative day-on, developing district-wide curricula and 
hosting nationally renowned guest speakers such as Clarence Paige to address the community in symposia 
and convocations. 

Sponsored the Democratic Culture Committee, whose mission was to enhance the principles of equality of 
rights, opportunity, and treatment, and in this manner ensuring the full representation of and support of 
diverse cultures. ' 
Administered district-wide racial sensitivity training for school personnel, enlightening personnel to 
cultural differences. 

Guided the development and publishing of annual performance reports and department newsletters, 
keeping both the external and internal community informed. 

Associate Superintendent, East Allen County Schools, New Haven, IN, 3-years. 

Assistant Principal for Instructional Services, North High School, Columbus, 5-years. 

Member/Vice President, Board of Trustees, Potsdam College (NY) Foundation, 14-years. 

Associate Faculty, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Texas at San Antonio, 3-years. 

Program Manager, Harcourt Educational Measurement/Pearson Assessment and Information, San Antonio, 

TX-, 9-years 

Associate Faculty, Indiana University-Purdue University, Columbus, IN, 4-years. 

Eli Lilly Foundation Fellow in Urban Educational Leadership, Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis, EN, 

Assessment and Evaluation, Roosevelt School District, Phoenix, AZ, 1-year. 

Senior Program Evaluator, Edgewood Independent School District, San Antonio, TX, 1-year. 

Senior Intelligence Officer, 514 th Operations Support Squadron, McGuire AFB, NT, 2-years. Current rank: 

Senior Intelligence Duty Officer, HQ Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB, IL, 3-years. 
Intelligence Officer, HQ AF Space Command, Peterson AFB, CO, 2-years. 

Doctor of Education, Indiana University, • Master of Music, State University College, 
Bloomington. Emphases in higher education Potsdam, NY. Emphasis in music education, 
administration and music education administration. • Bachelor of Music, State University College, 
Master of Education, South Dakota State Potsdam, NY. Emphasis in music education. 
University-Brookings. Emphases in secondary 
school administration and counseling. 

Superintendent, PK-12, 2013, Arizona. • Principal, EC-12, 2016, Texas. 

Superintendent, EC-12, Standard, 2016, Texas. • Music, K-12, Permanent, New York. 
School District Administration, Permanent, New 

Defense Meritorious Service Medal • National Defense Service Medal with one device 

Air Force Meritorious Service Medal • Anne Patterson Graduate Paper Award 

Air Force Commendation Medal 

Dedicated PK-12 Educational Leader Resume Page 2 of 2 

Fax Cover Sheet 


^ vA.^, g, w -Ayr C *W \ W 




Re: _ ' ~TT CC: 

□ Urgent 

Review □ Please Comment □ Please Reply O Please Recycle 


iiuii-fci -w i u -.ccam 


Attn: Susan Churchill 

Towa Department of Administrative Services 

Hoover State Office Building 

1305 East Walnut, Level A 

Des Moines, Iowa 503 19-0150 

Dear Ms. Churchill 

Please accept this letter as application for the Director (#1222 1BR) position currently available with the Iowa 
Department of Education. My resume and cover letter is enclosed for your review and consideration. 

In response to your request, my salary requirement would ran &C from $135,000 to $145, 000. With specifics 
that are flexible and negotiable, dependent upon such factors as benefits, total scope of responsibility, and 
comparable compensation for similar job positions. 

My experience has afforded me opportunities to support youth and the education process on many levels, I 
believe my passion, work ethic, and ability to innovate would be a positive addition to your organization. 
I look forward to meeting with you and to leam more about the Iowa Department of Education, the vision, 
goals, and how I might contribute to its continued success. 1 encourage you to contact my references who will attest 
to all I have stated. 


M04 P. 002/008 F-S97 

To Whom It May Concern, 

My educational experience includes: 

the Santee-Siou* Indian Reservation , ,„ ^^o»thD^OU ^" "^a "a diverse urban middie school in San 
teacher at an awarding middle school in Hays, Kansas a science ,i nv 

Jose, California; an assistant principal of a ^hool transforming to the XoTin San Jose, CalifomiafHigh 

community of ailroy, California; assistant dean of a private »^*n ^^0, principal, and Director of 

Students with an obvious passion for the alternative learner, 

collaboration with a multitude of stakeholders in the communu> Middle ^ ^te S^«« • B ^ 

Program Improvement School to a California ' D*'"^^ ™ LS"ha ^Ve found success*., in helping at- 
books with World Book Publishing. BRICKS and BRIDG ES outlines aenvroe *™ h ls , 

County. I am proud to say that dunng m V^^™*™j£ Qol and GED ^duaies, while at the same time lowering Lhe 
CAHSEE passage rates, increasing the numbers or nign scnooi ana ucu y » ua , 

number of suspensions. 

Current.* 1 am the Principal of South San Francisco High ^^^J^^^^ 
help improve the culture and climate of their school campuses. 

potential opportunity to be a part ot a team wnc > win crew p / children, the opportunity 

who will attest to all 1 have slated. I look forward to speaking with you. 

Mission Statement; 

To gain a position that allows me to model action-based leadership while working collaboratively in the quest to create 
programs and policies that develop youth to excel as 21 51 century learners. 


Doctorate in Urban Educational Administration, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. 
Dissertation: "Recidivism and Community Day School Students" 

Masters of Science in Educational Administration, Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas. 
Master's Project: "Gangs in Schools and Communities: A Case Study 

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and History, South Dakota Slate University, Brookings, South Dakota 
Middle School Endorsement, Social Science Minor, Coaching Certificate 


California Clear Single Subject: Social Studies California Clear Administrative Credential 

Professional Experience: 

South San Francisco Unified School District, 398 B Street, South San Francisco, California 
-Principal, South Sen Francisco High School 
-Chair, District Culture and Climate Committee 

-South San Francisco Unified School District Board of Trusrees 201 3 Golden Apple Award Recipient 

San Diego County Office of Education, 6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, California 
- Juvenile Court and Community Schools 
-Principal, South Region 

Middlctown Unified School District, 20932 Big Canyon Road, Middletown, California 
-Director of Special Education/ Alternative EducaiiotI, Middletown Unified School District 
-Principal: Middle School, Community Day School, Continuation High School, Summer School 
-Assistant Principal, Middlctown High School 

Archbishop Mitty High School, 5000 Mirry Way, San Jose, California 
-Assistant Dean of" Students 
-Summer School Principal 
-American History/World History Teacher 

Gilroy Unified School District, 385 iOOF Avenue, Gilroy, California 
-Assistant Principal, South Valley Junior High 

Evergreen Elementary School District, 3 190 Quimby Road, San Jose, California 
-GATE/General Science Teacher, Quimby Oak Middle School 

M04 P. 004/006 F-£ 

Hays Unified School District, 323 W. 1 2th Street, Hays, KS 

- Inclusion Co-teaching Science, Inclusion Co-reaching Social Studies Teacher, Felten Middle School 

Other Educational Experience: 

Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) Board of Mangers, Redwood City. CA 

South San Francisco Coalition on Safe Neighborhoods, South San Francisco, CA _ 

-Part of coalition involving a multitude of city and county stakeholders creating a strategic plan to make South San Francisco 
a healthier environment for all chizens. 

"Western Association of Schools and Colleges School Visitation Team, Various Schools, California 
-Accredited various schools and educational programs in California based upon WASC standards. 

Western Association of Schools and Colleges Action Plan Team, South San Francisco High School, South San Francisco, 

CA; Archbishop Mitty High School, San Jose, California. 

-WASC( Western Association of Schools and Colleges) action plan team developed school accreditation plan. Was 
director of the team in direct communication with WASC visitation committee onrome to accreditation approval. 

Association of California School Administrators 

-State Secondary Schools Council, Region 4 Representative 
-Lake County Charter, Member Services Representative 
-ACSA Region 4 Secondary School Principal of the Year 

National Gang Crime Research Center, Chicago, Illinois 
-K-12 Gang Specialist Certification 

BRICKS, Middletown High School, Middietown, California _ 

-Created high/middle school prevention program focused on supporting at-risk high students. Created curriculum and 
experiences to provide students with various tools that will aid them in achieving success on ail levels. 

BRIDGES. Middietown Unified School District, Middietown, California 

- Developed, with Lhe assistance of key community leaders, a prevention program for teens on Friday and Saturday evenings 
that give students safe and positive alternative activities. 

Neighborhood Liaison, Archbishop Mitty High School, San Jose, California 

-Key communicator for neighbors and City of San Jose officials concerning school events, and day-to-day issues. . 

Peer Resource/Conflict Resolution Coordinator, Quimby Oak Middle School, San Jose, California. 

-Key communicator for neighbors and City of San Jose officials concerning school events, and day-to-day issues. 

Governors Conference for Teen Leadership, (GCTL) Facilitator, Lawrence, Kansas 

-Program developed leadership -ski Us in conference participants. Facilitators direct group development and give presentations 
on a variety of topics such as: Respect, Communication, and Relationships. 

At-Risk Program Coordinator, Felten Middle School, Hays, Kansas 

-Developed at-risk program: PALS (Positive Alternatives to Loathing School.) encouraged development of commumcat 
self-esteem and organization. Based on Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, 

North Centra! Accreditation Committee Member, Felten Middle School, Hays, Kansas, 

-NCA(North Central Accreditation Committee) Developed, implemented and assessed school improvement model at Felten, 
Committee dealt with State Board of Education to meet the future educational needs of students. 

1-104 P. 005/006 ?-m 

Coaching Experience: 

-Baseball: Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS; Archbishop Miay High School, San 3ose, CA; Thomas More Prop Marian, Hays, KS 
-Football: Archbishop Mitty High School, San Jose, CA, Felton Middle School, Hays, KS 

Staff Development and Conference Presentations: 

-Bullying Predion Through Climate Control NMSA National Convention, Baltimore, MD; TMSA S» Convention Austin, 
tT Nursed Bo,ts Conference, Destin, FL, Boeder, CO; MMLE Conference, Hatticsburg, MS, NMMS, Omaha, N E ; Sou* San 
£SSL School District, South San Francisco, CA; Woodside School District, Woodside. CA, CMS Annual Conference, 

and Mention, NMSA National Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana; Baltimore, MD, Houston, TX; Nuts and 
Bolts Conference, Destin, FL, Boulder, CO; National Gang Crime Research Center National Convention, Chicago, [L; Migrant 
Education Area 3 Parent Conference, Middletown, CA; ACSA North States Convention, Reno, Nevada; CLMS Annua, Conference, 
San Diego, CA 

-Suspensions Don 7 Work,- Nuts and Bolts Conference, Destin, PL. Boulder, CO 

-Problem Based Learning and the At*M Student: Nuts and Bolts Conference, Destm, FL, Boulder, CO 

Brfjff your >A> Game S^ay NMSA National Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana; Baltimore, MD, Nuts and 

Bolts Conference, Destin, FL, Boulder, CO 

-The At-Rlsk Learner White Pine Middle School, Saginaw, MI 

Jri* and Bridges: Bridging *" ^ap to Al-Rlsk Youth NMSA National Convention, Indianapohs, Indiana 
-Cosing the Achievement Gap: A Systemic Approach ACSA Every Child Counts Monterey, Cahforma 
-The Brain At-Risk ACSA Symposium, Monterey, California, Nuts and Bolts Conference, Desttn, FL Boulder, CO, 
-Bullying and the Special Education Student ACSA Every Child Counts Symposium, Monterey, Cal.forma 
-Personalization and the The Ne» Face of High School Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES, Olean, New York 
-Problem Solving Across the Curriculum CLMS Annual Conference, San Diego, California 
-Classroom Within A Classroom Inclusion Model KAMLE Annual Conference, Hays, Kansas 
-Implementing Culturally Responsive Instruction 
-Co-Teaching; An Introduction to the Inclusion Model 


Limoges, A., (20 10). Bully Workshop. El Paso: TX, Incentive Publications 

Limoges, A., Selby, M. (2009). Bricks and Bridges. El Paso: TX, Incentive Publications. ljrjMUt ,-„, 

Limoges A. (2009). Proactive vs. Reactive: Praetica. Climate-based Strategies for Prevent.on. Middle Matters 7(2). 
UrnolU A. (2008) Recidivism and community Cay school students. Ed.D. dissertation, University of Southern California, United 
States, (Publication No. A AT 33249S 1 ). 


Alejandro Hogan, Superintendent, SSFUSD 

Jacqueline McEvoy, Assistant Superintendent, SSFUSD 

Mary Glover, Executive Director, JCCS 

Sean Morrill, Senior Director JCCS 

Korby Olson, Superintendent, Middletown Unified 

Leadership at its best is not a technical act, it is a moral act. Phil Schlechty, 2008 

From Common Core implementation to School Turnaround and from opening new 
school facilities to reshaping school culture and climate while motivating and developing 
teacher leaders, parents and communities, I submit my resume as a candidate for your 
next Director. Innovative leaders recognize that implementing change and facilitating 
new curriculum initiatives require building relationships and as Phil Schlechty stated in 
the quote above it is a moral act and not a technical act. It all begins and ends with all 
stakeholders' having a core belief, making decisions founded on that core belief, and 
creating a "systemic culture" built on what is best for children. 

As an instructional leader, my schools have received the Louisiana State Department of 
Education distinctions for Exemplary Growth and Recognized Growth in their first year 
as school turnaround/recovery models. As a teacher, I have been afforded the honor by 
my colleagues as Teacher of the Year. I am an educator and my talents, knowledge and 
skills have led me from the classroom to school building level leadership. My experience 
in opening and closing schools, working with district and state oversight organizations, 
facilitating highly publicized community meetings regarding school closures and/or 
school turnaround models and increasing student achievement are outlined in my resume. 
While these accolades outlined in the resume are a blessing, I know that while change 
and innovation causes many differences, it presents unlimited opportunities I have 
embraced during my career and know they have led to greater classroom engagement and 
increased learning for all children. 

My core beliefs are summed up in what I call the "Lego Effect". Leaders must connect 
with every facet of the organization both top and bottom. Relationships are built by 
earning trust and building respect around a common goal; what's best for children". 
Because of this approach, I have been able to establish credibility and success throughout 
my career. As Director, I will bring academic leadership credentials and proven success 
in raising student achievement while laying the foundation for successful schools and 
implementation of the Common Core Standards. Additionally, what captures people the 
most is my passion for energizing and challenging others to perform beyond the basic 
standard while monitoring and holding accountable myself and members of my team who 
are tasked with leading others to success. 

I look forward to speaking with you about opportunities as your next Director. If your 
state and districts are in search of a disciplined educational leader, outstanding 
communicator, skilled relationship builder, implementer of professional learning 
communities, developer of competent and accountable leaders, and advocate for constant 
feedback, my credentials will be of great value to you, the students you serve and the 
community who have entrusted you with the wonderful opportunity to ensure the students 
of IOWA succeed. 


Kandiest Martin-Brock 

Kandiest Martin-Brock 


EDUCATIONAL leader with a unique mix of school turnaround, implementation of Common Core Standards initiative, financial 
leadership, and implementation of new school technologies to increase academic performance, Experience developing dynamic 
teacher leader teams, creating a culture of accountability to improve student performance. Career accomplishments include 
opening a new school, school turnaround leader, implementing organizational change, working with District and State Oversight 
organizations and partners and teacher of the year. 

Summary of Qualifications 

Laying the foundation for successful school turnaround models 
Development and implementation of Professional Learning Communities 
15 Years Educational Experience 
Innovative Financial Leadership with declining local revenue and state budget freeze 
Common Core Implementation and Transitional Curriculum development 
Facilitating team buy-in/Tmplemented Instructional Rounds 


East Baton Rouge Parish School System Howell Park Elementary School Baton Rouge, LA 

Principal 2009-2013 

School Turnaround Leader that initiated district and state initiatives. Fostered partnerships with outside providers, educational 
vendors, district and state leadership to develop strategic plan. Execution of educational objectives and goals. Preparation of 
monthly performance evaluations and key metrics for district senior leadership and executive directors. Developed operational 
and financial reporting documents consisting of data driven goals; evaluated monthly performance of staff while provided research 
on Common Core exemplars, released sample test items and assessments. Restructured budget to link to school improvement plan 
objectives which directly correlated to District strategic plan. Oriented teachers on new teacher evaluation rubric (COMPASS). 
Facilitated leadership meetings in addition to conducting professional development for parents and staff. Created and 
implemented new teacher orientation manual for school based induction program to support new teachers. 

Key Accomplishments 

• Louisiana State Department Distinction of a school with Recognized Growth of 10 points 

• Implementation Common Core transitional curriculum and new state Teacher Evaluation Rubric 

• Successful transition to Professional Learning Communities 

East Baton Rouge Parish School System Greenville Elementary School Baton Rouge, LA 

Principal 2008 - 2009 

Implemented successful school turnaround model exiting academically unacceptable status. Ensured compliance with State 
oversight organizations (i.e. Synesi Associates), Developed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Louisiana State 
Department of Education and District senior leadership. Shared best practices with the Louisiana State Department oversight 
agency, Synesi Associates, regarding current and past data trends. Ensured compliance with regulatory guidelines and the 
development of key research strategies to regain district control. Identified additional outsourcing opportunities to assist with 
afterschool tutoring, grant writing, parental and community involvement. Managed new initiatives and facilitated weekly 
operational meetings to discuss data points, targeted objectives. Provided recurring feedback and coaching to faculty and staff. 
Consulted with all stakeholders (parents, Synesi Associates, District Senior Leadership, outsourcing agencies, District 
accountability office and the Louisiana State Department of Education) to create reporting for desired objectives. Facilitated the 
process for closing the school and converting to a Middle School. 

Key Accomplishments 

• Greenville Elementary exited AUS status receiving the Louisiana State Department distinction of Exemplary Growth of 
14.7 points 

• Directed Positive Behavior In-school Support Initiative leading to a 50% decrease in discipline and improved parental 
survey results of 80% satisfaction. 

• Identified opportunities through outsourcing and grant resources to secure afterschool tutoring and part-time 

East Baton Rouge Parish School System Winhourne Elementary School Baton Rouge, LA 

Principal 2007-2008 

lof2| Page 

Kandiest Martin-Brock 

Attended daily budget meetings and/or conference calls with the Chief Financial Officer, contractors, central office department 
heads and the Superintendent. Facilitated adjustments in financial allocations while Meeting with contractors on additional 
budgeting request due to a variety of issues (i.e. technology, student desk, dry erase boards, etc.) Strategized with curriculum 
specialist, department leaders, board members, parents, teachers, and vendors prior to develop budgets. Hired personnel worked 
with state oversight organizations to facilitate the hiring of state approved tutoring organizations. Conducted parental Involvement 
workshops and met with media outlets to communicate district goals and strategic plans for the new facility. 

Key Accomplishments 

• Opened new school facility within two days of construction completion 

• Facilitated the move of 500 new students from 5 other district schools to the new school 

• Set up the foundation for a successful school (Identified process gaps, coordinated process improvements and developed 
procedures for organizational structure) 

East Baton Rouge Parish School System Forest Heights Academy of Excellence Baton Rouge, LA 

Teacher 2003 -2006 

Worked extensively with the District magnet coordinator and Principal on budgetary purchases (classroom furniture, stage and 
lighting equipment, instructional materials, etc.) Traveled with Principal to other districts across the state. Researched innovative 
technologies and equipment that would accelerate our program to a nationally recognized state of the art facility, presenting plans 
to the community via media outlets and to the State School Boards Association. Met with the District Communications Director to 
create a marketing plan to attract private school and charter students back to the parish public schools. Created a comprehensive 
three year budget and curriculum for the performing arts. 

Key Accomplishments 

• Teacher of the Year 

• Selected by Central Office to participate in Principals for Tomorrow Leadership Program 

• National Blue Ribbon Elementary School 

East Baton Rouge Parish School System Park Forest Middle School Baton Rouge, LA 

Teacher 1998-2003 

Served as English Department Head. Established departmental goals worked with colleagues to develop goals and objectives. 
Collaborated with teacher teams to establish a Junior Beta Club and Drama Club. Organized parent patrol and student activities to 
increase parental and stakeholder participation. 

Key Accomplishments 

• Teacher of the Year 

• Created Dramatic Arts Program 

• Received the Superintendent's Commendation for Dramatic Arts and inclusion of students with disabilities 

Dallas Baptist University Superintendent Certification Program May, 2013 

Proact Search Firm SUPES Academy Leadership Development program April, 2013 

Harvard University Graduate School of Education ~ School Principal's Turnaround June, 2012 

Southern University and A&M College - Master Degree in Administration August, 2007 

Louisiana State University- Alternate Certification in English and Speech August, 2004 

Southeastern Louisiana University- English as a Second Language Certification December, 2004 

Southeastern Louisiana University - Bachelor of Arts Mass Communications May, 1997 


Louisiana Association of Principals (LAP) 

Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. 

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Kandiest Martin-Brock 

, Talent Record 

Page 1 of 1 

Talent Record: Paska, Lawrence 

June 19, 2013 

To Whom It May Concern: 

I wish to express my interest in the position of Director, Department of Education. 

My vision is to ensure that all students and teachers have the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to reach their full 
potential, in learning environments that are competency- based and responsive to personal needs and goals. I desire to 
lead Iowa's educational reform initiatives, particularly in supporting all students to enter college and career, and in 
recruiting, retaining, and strengthening the teaching workforce through career pathways, a clear and fair accountability 
system, and sustained professional development. 

I have fifteen years of experience in education. For over nine years, I have served in progressively responsible 
leadership roles at the New York State Education Department (NYSED), including four years as a manager. NYSED 
supports a prekindergarten - grade 12 system of 2.8 million students and nearly 700 school districts. As the 
administrative arm of the University of the State of New York, it includes the state's cultural and higher education 
institutions, 48 licensed professions, vocational rehabilitation and adult education services, and public broadcasting 

My experience includes work with education stakeholders from multiple constituencies to inform the Board of Regents' 
Reform Agenda- 1 directly led the development of the Board of Regents' Statewide Learning Technology Plan, working 
with Board members, superintendents, teachers, parents, students, and community members. I organized a panel of 
national experts to inform the Regents; convened nine regional community forums for Board members, leaders, parents, 
and community members to provide input; and collected 20,000 online surveys from teachers and students. As a result, 
the Board of Regents approved the plan. 

I currently lead the Office of Educational Design and Technology, coordinating educational technology programs, school 
library services, and a transition to the Common Corte and computer-based testing through access to and funding for 
learning technology. One current project is a Virtual Advanced Placement Program across 17 school districts and Boards 
of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), While serving as the Coordinator of Technology Policy, I was also selected 
for two interim positions. As the Interim Director of Curriculum Services, I managed the launch of a Race to the Top- 
funded competitive grant to develop Common Core-based curriculum modules and professional development in English 
Language Arts and Mathematics. As the Interim Chief of Student Support Services, I partnered with a task force of over 
30 statewide organizations (from health and safety officials to attorneys) to develop policy and regulation for the new 
Dignity for All Students Act, a major statewide anti-bullying law. I have experience with federal education issues and 
collaboration with other state education agencies. I served as New York's state coordinator in the Innovation Lab 
Network from the Council of Chief State School Officers. 

Prior to state service, I taught social studies in grades 7-8. 1 currently teach a graduate- level methods course at a local 
university. My doctoral research focused on student achievement on a media-enriched assessment in a middle school 
classroom. I graduated from NYSED's year-long Leadership Academy, which culminated in research and presentation to 
the Board of Regents on strengthening connections between the State Boards for the Professions and school districts. 
Several research recommendations were enacted by NYSED to promote college and career readiness. 

I look forward to meeting with you and sharing my vision for educational leadership in Iowa. Please contact me by 
phone at f^^m^^nd by e-mail VftflHHHW- Attached is a copy of my resume. Thank you for your 


Lawrence M. Paska, Ph.D. 

https://trm!^ 6/20/2013 



• Accomplished educational leader seeking a leadership role in state education. 

• Proven track record in curriculum and instruction, educational technology, assessment, professional 
development, educational policy, and management in diverse settings. 

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; experienced presenter, facilitator, and collaborator; 
frequently selected as liaison to national, state, and local organizations. 

• Recognized by colleagues and team members as visionary, focused, articulate, and collaborative. 


Visionary Leadership 
Strategic Planning 
Program Administration 


University at Albany, Albany, New York August 2005 - May 2010 

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Learning and Teaching 

Dissertation: "Does Film Affect Learning Engagement?: Historical Inquiry and the Document-Based 

Question in a Middle School Social Studies Classroom" 

Hunter College, New York, New York August 2001 - May 2003 

Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Administration and Supervision 

Union College, Schenectady, New York June 1997 - June 1998 

M.A.T. in Social Studies 

Union College, Schenectady, New York September 1993 - June 1997 

B.A. in History, cum laude 


• School District Administrator (SDA), New York State 

• Social Studies, Grades 7-12, New York State 


New York State Education Department, Albany, New York April 2004 - Present 

Responsibilities: Oversee the effective integration of technology to transform learning environments statewide. 
Coordinate information, communication, and professional networks to support innovations that maximize 
school and learner success. Develop curriculum and instructional resources, assessments, grants, regulations, 
policy statements and guides, and professional development programs forP-12 education in New York State. 

Average Hours per Week: 50 + hours as Coordinator and Interim Director/Chief; 40 hours as Associate 

Curriculum and Instruction Presentation 

Instructional Technology Communication 

Policy Development Grant Development 

Teaching on Multiple Levels Collaboration 

Lawrence M. Paska 

Page 2 

Coordinator of Technology Policy (April 2009 - Present) 

• Promoted to a managerial position, and entrusted with the development of the Office of Educational 
Design and Technology, in recognition of strong leadership abilities; supervise staff and programs in 
educational technology and school library services. 

• Selected for two consecutive interim leadership positions, while simultaneously serving as Coordinator 
of Technology Policy, based on a proven ability to organize effective teams and complex operations. 

' Developed the Board of Regents ' Statewide Learning Technology Plan through collaboration with and 
input from diverse stakeholders, and through regional community forums and student/teacher surveys. 

• Wrote state policies and regulations for online and blended learning in P-12 education; provided 
learning technology oversight to what is recognized as the most complete, interconnected system of 
educational services in the United States. 

• Managed over $20 million (Race to the Top funds) for virtual learning, including 17 Virtual Advanced 
Placement Program grants in school districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). 

• Coordinated a $5 million professional development program for science, technology, engineering, and 
mathematics (STEM) teachers in grades 7-12. 

• Supported districts and organizations on technology aid and infrastructure capacity to implement 
Common Core standards and assessments, data-driven instruction, and teacher/leader effectiveness. 

• Served as the Statewide Readiness Coordinator for PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness 
for College and Careers) assessments. 

• Represented the Commissioner of Education on state and national panels; conducted keynote addresses, 
workshops, and seminars on the integration of standards, curriculum, technology, and assessment. 

• Served as State Education Department liaison to the Council for Chief State School Officers' Innovation 
Lab Network, the Northeast Regional Educational Laboratory's College and Career Readiness Alliance, 
and the Board of Regents' Technology Policy and Practices Council. 

Co-chaired the Dignity for All Students Act Task Force's curriculum and instruction work group, 
creating curricular resources and evaluation tools for district-wide instructional programs. 

Interim Chief of Student Support Services (March - July 2012) 

• Led initiatives in social and emotional development and learning through the management of expanded 
learning programs; school/student health and safety; alternative education; and Pupil Personnel Services. 

Interim Director of Curriculum Services (July - December 2011) 

• Supervised Common Core Learning Standards implementation across content areas and through funding 
of curriculum modules with professional development in English language arts and mathematics. 

• Administered programs in the arts, English language arts, mathematics, middle level education, physical 
education, science, and social studies. 

Associate in Instructional Services, Social Studies (April 2004 - April 2009) 

• Led New York State's P-12 social studies program through professional development for administrators 
and teachers on the state learning standards, cuniculum, and instruction. 

• Implemented New York State's P-12 social studies testing program by conducting test item writer 
trainings for teachers, facilitating test development committees, and editing test items. 

• Coordinated the Board of Regents' Louis E. Yavner Teaching and Citizen Awards (for education about 
the Holocaust and other human rights violations) and participation in the U.S. Senate Youth Program. 

• Created and managed a $3.3 million competitive grant program for Project SAVE (Safe Schools Against 
Violence in Education), increasing civility, citizenship, and character education. 

Lawrence M. Faska 

Page 3 

• Selected as a member of the New York State Education Department Leadership Academy. 

• Organized strategic statewide initiatives on international and civic education, literacy, educational 
technology, and cultural competence through the development of multiple partnerships with national, 
state and local organizations. 

• Served on workgroups for school accountability and parent/family partnerships, resulting in policy 
guidance to support school districts in a new statewide accountability system. 


Adjunct Lecturer - University at Albany, Albany, New York (August 2010 - Present); Mercy College, Bronx, 
New York (August - December 2003); College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York (July 2002 - 
March 2004) 

Responsibilities: Presently teach graduate-level secondary social studies methods courses in online and blended 
formats (University at Albany). Previously taught graduate-level courses in a Master of Learning Technology 
program (Mercy College), and film and histoiy courses to K-12 teachers through the New Rochelle Staff Resource 
Center (College of New Rochelle). 

Average Hours per Week: 15 ~ 20 

Social Studies Teacher - Grades 7-8 - City School District of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, New York 
(September 1999 - April 2004); Oceanside Union Free School District, Oceanside, New York (September 1998 - 
June 1999) 

Responsibilities: Taught U.S. and New York State Histoiy courses. Supervised department-level budgeting, 
curriculum mapping, and formative assessments as co-coordinator of Humanities Department (2003-2004). 

Average Hours per Week: 50 - 60 


• Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) 

• International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 

• Learning Forward New York - Board member, ex-officio 

• New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education (NYSCATE) - 
Board member, ex-officio 

• State Educational Technology Directors' Association (SETDA) 


• Paska, L. M. (2012). internet safety and school culture: State education support for schools. Albany Law 
Journal of Science & Technology 22, pp. 583-603. 

• Snyder, C, Oliveira, A. W., & Paska, L. M. (2012, November). STEM career changers' transformation 
into science teachers. Journal of Science Teacher Education. 

• Paska, L. M. (201 1, May 1 1). The school-Internet 'relationship' and its impact on online learning. 
Education Week 30(30), pp. 29, 32. 

• Paska, L. M., & Yan, Z. (2011). Internet addiction in adolescence and emerging adulthood: A 
comparison between the United States and China. InH. O. Price (Ed.), Internet Addiction. Hauppauge, NY; 
Nova Science Publishers. 

Lawrence M. Paska 

Page 4 


Member, College Board Re-Design Committee Spring - Fall 201 1 

• Served on New York team to revise the AP United States History Curriculum Framework. 

Chair and Vice-Chair, Research Community, National Council for the Social Studies Fall 2007 - Fall 2009 
' Coordinated a group of social studies education professionals interested in theory, research, and practice. 


Nominee, Presidential Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award, University at Albany Spring 2010 
Dissertation Research Fellowship Award, University at Albany Fall 2009 - Spring 2010 

Honors Senior Thesis : "The New Art: Photography and the Civil War Era" Spring 1 997 

Dean's List Scholar, Union College, Schenectady, NY Spring 1994 - Spring 199' 


Keynote Presentations: 

• New York State Attendance Teachers Association (2013 annual conference) 

• Northeast Regional Information Center Technology Awareness Day (2009 annual conference) 

• Rochester Area Council for the Social Studies (2004 and 2007 annual conferences) 

Panel Presentations: 

• "Building Better Teachers: New York State Initiatives and the Professional Development for Advanced 
Coursework in STEM Program", College Board Middle States Regional Forum (February 2013) 

• "The Bigger Picture About Blended Learning: State and National Perspectives", NYSCATE (Feb. 2013) 

• "Cyberbullying from Classroom to Courtroom: Approaches to Protecting Children in a Digital Age", 
Albany Law School Journal of Science & Technology Fall Symposium (October 2011) 

• "The View from the Field: A Panel Discussion on the Implementation of the Common Core Learning 
Standards", New York State Council of Educational Associations (October 201 1) 

• "Online Learning: National and New York State Perspectives", Lower Hudson Regional Information 
Center (January 201 1) 

National Conference Presentations: 

• Panelist (representing the Commissioner of Education), "Partnership for Next Generation Learning", 
Next Generation Learning Network Meeting, Cincinnati, OH (October 2010) 

• Presenter, "Building Partnerships Between Professional Associations and State Education Departments", 
National Council for the Social Studies, Kansas City, MO (November 2005) 


Secretary, Northeast Career Planning Board of Directors, Menands, NY 
Vice-Chair, Helderberg Neighborhood Association, Albany, NY 
Past-President, Village Stage (local community theater), Albany, NY 

September 2010 - Present 
January 2012 - Present 
January 2008 -May 2011 

David R. Rogers 

June 16, 2013 

Susan Churchill 

Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 
1 3 05 East Walnut, Level A 
Des Moines, IA 50319-0150 

Dear Governor Branstad, 

Excited by the positive opportunity to serve that awaits the future Director of the Department of 
Education for the State of Iowa, I forward my letter of application and supporting vitae to you. 
The State of Iowa is renown for its educational culture of excellence and the desire for 
continued culture progress. Proactively student centered, optimistic, and committed, I believe 
transparent, cooperative service leadership with gratitude is paramount. An educational culture 
empowered by professional growth enables all students to become life long learners, achieving 
high degrees of success. 

Student safety and learning achievement has been the thirteen year leadership focus of my 
fiscally responsible and successful education service. This has included three Superintendent 
positions in districts of disadvantage, two in Iowa and one in Illinois. Preceding this experience 
were twenty-eight years of highly successful Iowa classroom instructional service in Oskaloosa. 
Productive private business leadership experience has enriched my leadership in education with 
a background endowment of data driven, analytical skills based knowledge. Collaboratively 
attaining annual yearly progress in all attendance centers of the economically disadvantaged 
Pre-K through 12 th grade districts where I have served students, I will visibly work with' all 
stakeholders. We will build on the strong education foundation, positively, cooperatively 
leading, continuing to develop a lifetime culture of learning that provides and enables vision for 
tomorrow's State of Iowa's strength. 

The platform "Doing What is Best for Students" has been the focus of my leadership and is the 
desired outcome of all stakeholders. Embracing the positive and proactive Landmark 
Legislation of the Governor and the 2013 Legislature establishing a teacher leadership structure 
on a State wide basis is the first step in securing the very best for all students. Creation of an 
implementation plan for this directive and its effective delivery will be paramount to the success 
for all students and their futures as they prepare for a lifetime of work in the world of tomorrow. 

I am available at your convenience for an interview to envision our future and look forward to 
this opportunity. The salary in my current position for next year is $142,700. My application 
for this position is not about money or power, but rather, during my entire career it has always 
been about education and the children I have served. I extend my gratitude for your review of 
my application and look forward to your response. 


David R. Rogers, Ed. S. 





• State of Iowa - Director of the Department of Education 


• Superintendent 2005-Present 
Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3, Prophetstown, Illinois 

• Superintendent 2002-2005 
West Central Valley Community School District, Stuart, Iowa 

• Superintendent/Elementary Principal/Curriculum Director 2000-2002 
Russell Community School, Russell, Iowa 

Director of Budget and Finance; Transportation, Maintenance, and Food Service Advisor 

. • Sixth Grade Teacher/Coach - Grant Elementary School 1972-2000 
Oskaloosa Community Schools, Oskaloosa, Iowa 
instructor of math, science, social studies, reading and spelling 
Coach of elementary academic and AAU teams achieving championship levels 


• Educational Specialist Degree - Superintendent School Administration 1980 
Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri 

Certification for Elementary Principal, Secondary Principal and Superintendent Positions 

• Master, of Arts - Elementary School Administration 1974 
Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri 

• Bachelor of Arts 1972 
William Perm University, Oskaloosa, Iowa 

Major: Elementary Education Minor: Speech 


• Iowa Superintendent Licensure Permanent Professional 

• Iowa Evaluator License 2018 

• Illinois Superintendent Licensure Type 75 Certification 2015 

• Illinois Evaluation of Principals 2017 


• Phi Delta Kappa Induction 1976 

• Illinois Association of School Administrators 2005-2013 

• American Association of School Administrators 2000-2013 






• $18.8 million Elementary School and Middle School construction project completion. 201 1-2013 
Financed by $4.8 million cash reserve and a $14 million Capital Development Board Grant. 

• "SchoolSearch2011 and 2006 Bright Star Award of Excellence". One of 79 Illinois districts 2011 
awarded of 868 school districts. District enrollment is 53% economically disadvantaged. 

• $14 million dollar CDB Facilities Grant Award announced by Governor Quinn 2010 
on October 20, 2010 to the Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3. 

• High Schools That Work "Gold Award" for student achievement. 2009 

• Illinois State Board of Education $80,000 "High Schools That Work" Grant Award. 2006 

• Financial Profile Designation "Recognition". 2006-201 3 

• Cambridge "Honors Edition" of the Who's Who Executive and 2006/2007 

Professional Registry. 

• Who's Who Among America's Teachers Nominee 1997 and 1998 

Nominated by former students in their college years. 

• Teacher Honoree Award from The Connie Belin and Jacqueline Blank Center 1996 

for Gifted Education and Talent Development, Iowa City, Iowa. 

• Service Toward Excellence in Math Education 1993 

Presented by Grant Parent Teacher Organization. 

• Southern Prairie AEA Annual 6th Grade Math Bee 1985-1996 

8 First Place Teams; 4 second place teams, 3 third place teams 

• State of Iowa 6th Grade Math Bee 1985-1996 

Second and fourth place teams, 1990, third place team, 1993 

State Champions 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995 

• - Iowa Award to classroom teacher for enthusiastic teaching and support in relation to Iowa - 1974 

Agriculture Award presented by Cedar Rapids Jaycees, conferred by Iowa Governor 
Robert D.Ray. 

• Honorable Discharge United States Army 1975 





• Prophetsto wn Lions Club 2005- 2010 Board of Directors 

Prophetstown Education Foundation 

• Prophetstown Chamber of Commerce 

• Prophetstown Main Street 

• Prophets Booster Club 

• Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3 Advisory Committee 

• Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3 PTO 


During my career as a classroom educator, ! was engaged in the operation and ownership of a productive, 
family business. Leadership skills during my tenure fostered growth of five hundred percent and growth 
continues today. This leadership position afforded me experience and knowledge in human resources, 
safety, real estate, commercial development, public relations, construction, transportation, legal venues and 
resource management. Resource management experience developed skills in the areas of hedging and 
contract pricing of many commodities including electricity, natural gas, and petroleum fuels. This 
opportunity has been beneficial empowering proactive management in the school districts I have served. 







I Believe in "The Power of Positive Students". 

• The world can be a more positive place for our children to live. Leading by example I write an 
average of three positive notes per day to staff members. I request that all certified staff members 
write two positive notes to students daily. I have encouraged all non-certified staff members to do 
this also. This action envisions and encourages the greatness in everyone. 

• Successful as an Administrator and as a Teacher to date, I have been fortunate to empower the 
learning of children so that they could meet or exceed the desired level of academic achievement. 


Reading Math 

• All Students +16.8% +13.9% 

• Students With Disabilities +39.2.% +34.7% 

• Economically Disadvantaged +20.3% +14.2% 

• The Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3 met the expectations of No Child Left Behind for 
the first time in 2006. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 all of the district buildings met AYP, but the 
district did not in Special Needs Reading. Since 2007 to 2009 our High School has passed AYP 
with 20.3% growth in Reading and 18.6% growth in Math. In 2013 our District K.-8 Buildings 
attained AYP and our' High School received commendation for three consecutive years growth. 

DISTRICT FINANCE JULY 1, 2005 to JUNE 30, 2009: 

Year 7/1/2005 7/1/2006 . 7/1/2007 . 7/1/2008 7/1/2009 

Balance $6,505,883 $6,901,464 $8,060,107 $8,684,758 $8,930,234 

• Property Tax Levy increase $17,130 Collections increased $277,330 

• Budget increased $1,054,364 to $8,826,584 Salaries/benefits increased $941,674 

• District expense increased $3,054,661 District revenue increased $3,378,330 

• July 1, 2005 until July 1, 2009, the year end all fund balance increased $2,424,350. 

• The 2009 comparison date was used due to the change in Governor and State Aid School Funding. 


• July 1, 2005 through present the district technology infrastructure has continued with upgrades, 
including the new I-Piber and I-Cloud. District instructors are provided laptop computers and all 
classrooms have LCD projectors with supporting Smart Boards. 






• Purchase, installation and operation district wide of an STI (Software Technology Incorporated) 
student information network enables parent access and instruction information.. AIMS web and 
NWEA Maps programs are being utilized in our district for Best Practices K-12 assessment and 
student progress monitoring. A district notification network has been installed and is utilized often. 


• July 2005 Our district began an aggressive program for district wide student learning embracing 

Inclusion supported by Differentiated Instruction. 

• Jan. '06-'13 Our first in district dual credit class began. During the 2006-2007 school year we 

offered twenty-five hours of college dual credit authorized by Sauk Community 
College. Our dual credit program continues for the 2012-2013 school year offering 
40 semester hours of AP and Dual Credit. 

• July 2006 Our district began Pre-K-12 implementation of Rtl (Response to Intervention). We 

continue utilization of the RTI process district wide. 

• August 2006 We began a Certified Nursing Assistant instruction program. Eight often students 

passed their license exams. This program continues in 2013 with the addition of 
advanced clinical instruction. 

• August 2006 Teen Leadership instruction began and continues for our Middle School students. 

• August 2006 Construction of a $200,000 new house began by our dual credit Construction Tech 

Education program and was completed at the end of the school year. The house sold 
in August 2007. 

• August 2007 Construction of a new Board of Education meeting and staff development room with 

technology server space was completed by the Construction Tech Education Class in 

• Nov. 2011- Construction of a new 6*/7 th /8 Ul Grade Attendance Center and a new Pre-K-5 

Attendance Center for the students of P-L-T CUSD #3, 





• August 2007 Anti-Bullying, "Steps to Respect" began and continues for our K-5 grade students. 

• August 2007 Internet safety instruction began and continues for all of our PK-12 students. 

• August 2012 Future construction of a new bus barn supporting students is in the planning stage. 


• The key to enabling student achievement excellence and Annual Yearly Progress success is found in 
significantly appropriate Professional Staff Development. Working collaboratively with teachers' 
organizations, the aatoinistrative team, and Board of Education members in previous districts were 
able to cooperatively affect and provide staff development programs. 

• In the Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico CUSD #3 we are working district wide with our Regional 
Office of Education to deliver an effective and significantly appropriate staff development program. 
These developments will aid students in the endeavors of raising the bar for student success. 

• July '05-' 13 Inclusion and differentiated instruction professional development .opportunities. 

• July '05-'13 Grade level and subject area meetings embracing the Common Core Standards. 

• July '05-' 13 Staff development using the Illinois Interactive Report Card, STI and AIMS Web. 

• July '06-' 13 Rtl staff development opportunities as we serve all children appropriately. 

• July 2006 . "Capturing Kid's Hearts" staff development program is offered and well received by 

sixty-seven percent of our staff. This staff program was the catalyst for Teen 
Leadership and Character Counts. 

• July '06-' 13 Receipt of an initial $80,000 "High Schools That Work" grant from the Illinois State 

Board of Education has continued in yearly grant funding support. 


r " c 




• Sept. 2013 New teacher evaluation instrument approved and submitted by the Board of 

Education and Teacher Association to the State Board of Education. This 
document follows the Teacher Evaluation guidelines of Charlotte Dardelson 
and the Illinois State Board of Education. 

• February 2008 "Understanding the Theory of Poverty" by Ruby K. Payne, Professional 

Development program presented by Nellie DeHart. 

• August 2008 Rtl and Differentiated Instruction presentation to instructional staff by renown 

presenter "Dr. Alan Coulter". 

• February 2009 "The Middle Matters" with David Shepard is being scheduled for our staff. 

development day. 

• July 2009 Smart Board training, utilizing instructors lap top computers and LCD projectors. 

• 2005-2013 Two principals completed their Specialist Degree. The Superintendent engages in 

more than twenty hours of Academy Credit class work for professional development 
and license certification. 

• 2006 & 2009 "Get Motivated" Lessons in Leadership, presenters were Zig Ziglar, Rudy Giuliani, 

Phil Town, Steve Forbes, Suze Orman, George Foreman, Bryan Flanagan and Peter 

• 2008 Leadership Institute for Administrators. 

2008 The Administrative Team completed instruction in the Three Minute Classroom 

Walk-Through evaluation process. 

• 2012 The Administrative Team successfully completed the Charlotte Danielson and Illinois 

State Board of Education Evaluator Training Modules., 


• 2005-20 1 3 In November 2005, we started work on preparing a new set of Board of Education 

Policies. The policies were adopted in November 2006 and are updated regularly. 

• 2010 

Board of Education completes Illinois Association of School Boards "TAG I". 






• 2005-2013 The Board of Education attends tlie annuatlllinois Association of School Boards 

Convention in Chicago and the Northwest Illinois Regional Fall and Spring meetings. 

• January 2008 The Board of Education enrolled in the Illinois Association of School Boards 

"Targeting Achievement Through Governance". 

• April 2009 National Association of School Boards convention in San Diego, California. 

• Nov. 2005 Preparation and completion of a Health, Life Safety Project concerning sidewalks in 

the district. Bids exceeded $200,000. Project completion was less than $60,000. 

• 2005-2013 The beginning year mileage on our bus fleet of 24 has decreased by 300,000 miles 

due to bus trades and purchase upgrades. We are upgraded our support vehicles with 
new van purchases. 

• 2005-2013 Contract purchasing of future and yearly district energy needs including; gasoline, 

natural gas, and electricity. This practice is also utilized for all insurance services. 

• 2005-2013 District roof replacement where matching facilities grants from the Illinois State 

Board of Education have been received for these projects. 

• 2008 Secure and install new gymnasium seating at Prophetstown Elementary and Tampico 

Middle School. Purchase New Visitor Sports Complex seating. 

• 20 1 1 Purchase and install new Sports Complex Lighting for the Football Field, Track, 

Baseball and Softball Fields. 






• A student centered, competent, caring administrator that collaboratively provides leadership in the 
direction and . management of an educational institution's activities. This leader is cognizant that 
daily, yet small, continual achievements, systematically united will enable great success. 

• Valued and respected by students, staff, parents, community and the Board of Education for utilizing 
a proactive team approach to leadership empowering the learning process for all students. Valuing 
diversity with sensitivity, providing for the needs of a culturally diverse student body. 

Student centered leadership envisions solutions for . students, my focus is their success. The 
heartbeat of this leadership is the POWER found in; People, Opportunity, Willing, Empower, and 
Relationships. - 

People - Paramount for schools is to recruit, hire, and retain dynamic, student focused 
People of excellence. Positively enabled with appropriate professional development, 
Empowered People will grow. 

Opportunity - Empowered People of excellence envision, create and provide dynamic Pre-K- 
12 Opportunities, enabling continued growth and bountiful success. 

Willing - Empowered People are Willing to enjoin together, developing partnerships with all 
stake holders fostering community alliances that support and enable schools of success. 

Empower - Students, parents and staff feel valued, Empowered and endowed when student 
achievements are heralded with support by community, stake holders and school leadership. 

Relationships - Empowered People embrace reciprocity Relationships enabling student 
programs to flourish, unite and align, for balanced student opportunities of equity and 
achievement excellence success. 

• Life-long a learner and active community leader engaging in public relations, embracing successful 
cun-ent trends and advancements in education, consistently successful in fiscal management. 

• Strong interpersonal skills as an effective communicator and motivator achieves goals through 
collaborative teamwork with educational partners. This leader commits to and shapes student values 
by inspiring their interests in a particular subject while simultaneously challenging them to strive for 
excellence. This commitment and delivery of quality programs will make a significant difference in 
their lives. 

• Authentic, determined, confident instructional advocate for educational excellence, collaboratively 
guiding people to develop policy, programs, educational standards and goals to maximize student 
learning, while providing the vital professional development to enable successful task achievement. 





Jerry Mitchell 

Retired State Representative, 90 th District 

Chad Colmone 


P-L-T Community School District #3 
Tampico Middle S chool 

Thomas R. Peffer, CPA 

Gorenz and Associates, Ltd. 

Robert Sondgeroth 


Regional Office of Education 

Drew Hoffman 

Director of Special Education 
Bi-County Special Education Cooperative 

Karen Anderson 


Prophetstown Elementary School 

Ronnie Fry 


Tampico Elementary School 

Kristopher J. Rollins 

Teacher, Harding Middle School 
Co-Creator, RunDSM 







I Believe in "The Power of Positive Students". 

• The world should be a more positive place for all to live. Leading by example, daily, I write an 
average of three positive notes per day to staff members. I have requested that all certified staff send 
two positive notes to students daily. I have encouraged all non-certified staff to do this also. This 
opportunity enables the vision to see the greatness in everyone. 

• Successful as an Administrator and a teacher to date, I have been fortunate to empower the learning 
of children so that they could meet or exceed the desired level of academic achievement. This 
includes the expectations of the No Child Left Behind Mandate. 

• The key to enabling student achievement excellence is Professional Staff Development. I applied for 
and was granted an alternative six day calendar that was approved by the Iowa Department of 
Education for Professional Staff Development in 2003-2004 school years and renewed for the school 
year 2004-2005. 

• The West Central Valley CSD and instructional staff accepted the Iowa Department of Education 
invitation to be a pilot school district for the Iowa Professional Staff Development Model in 2003- 
2004. In 2004-2005 ail Iowa school districts will be participating in the Iowa Professional Staff 
Development Program. 

• Researched based CRISS Teaching strategies were implemented through our Iowa Professional Staff 
Development framing. 

• Development and implementation of eighteen credit hours of dual (college) credit classes in our high 
school for the 2003-2004 school year and thirty credit hours for 2004-2005. 

• Revived a construction vocation credit program where a new home is constructed each year and the 
students receive community college credit. The project is exciting and progress is currently ahead of 

• Implemented Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Nursing Attendant dual credit class 
opportunities for high school students. 

• Certified Evaluator Training and Data Driven Leadership Certification for me provides the avenue 
for our administration team to begin utilizing 'the School Administrators of Iowa, Iowa 
Administrator Evaluation Instrument this spring. 





• Reading for Grades 6, 7, 8, was implemented into the Middle School Program. 

• E2T2 Math Instruction Improvement Program implemented into the Middle School Program. 

• Development of a Special Needs Program for Pre-School three year old children. 

• Development of service for Behavioral Disability Needs children in the High School and the 

• ' Development of a Teaching Room at the Middle School for Behavior Needs Students. 

• Upgraded High School Graduation Requirements to three years of Math. 

• Upgraded the High School G.P.A. Extra-Curricular Participation Requirements. 

• West Central Valley was the Highlighted District in Heartland AEA 1 1 for the 2004-2005 School 
Year Kickoff. This was based upon Partnership and Progress. 

• The Administration Team participated in the Challenges for Change Leadership Development 
Program that models the strategies of John P. Kotter. 

• Recipient of a Senator Harkin Star Schools Technology Grant of $21,603 on December 10, 2004. 

In 2002-2003 the West Central Valley CSD had two salary schedules for each group of employees, east and 
west. I learned of this fifteen minutes after being on duty in the district. In the school year 2003-2004 the 
district has only one salary schedule for each service group. In leveling the teacher group some teachers 
received a four thousand-dollar raise. Three teachers were cost prohibitive to level. The feelings of unequal 
pay are almost eliminated. 

Staff Reductions have been . accomplished through attrition and by combining assignments of the 
administration team. 

Three written positive notes a year to each staff member are sent from the superintendent. 

Three principal recommended resignations were supported and concluded by the superintendent. We do not 
anticipate any requested resignations or staff reductions for 2004-2005. 

Ninety-eight percent of the elementary staff was retained and ninety percent of the secondary staff was 
retained for the 2003-2004 school year. Ninety-two percent of the 2004-2005 staff was retained. . 






Contract negotiations for the 2004-2005 school year were completed in five one hour sessions. 
Retained all Educational Support Personnel, excluding two retirements during fiscal years 2003-2005. 


• Stuart Chamber of Commerce 

• West Central Valley Booster Clubs 

• West Central Valley Community School Advisoiy Committee 

• West Central Valley PTO 

• 1-80 SEED Development Group 

• Stuart United Methodist Church 


Bond Issue Experience: It took fifteen years of bond issues to pass a junior high proposal in Oskaloosa. I 
worked with many others for passage of this issue. I began my superintendent duties in West Central Valley 
on August 1, 2002. The first bond issue in West Central Valley was on September 10, 2O02 and the 
approval rate was thirty-seven percent. The second issue presenting the same proposal was on June 4, 2003 
and the approval rate was forty-six percent. The third issue presenting a different proposal was on February 
3, 2004 and the approval rate was forty-three percent. The May 2005 issue had forty-nine percent approval. 

One-Cent Sales Tax.Experience: I worked with other superintendents for successful passage of a One-Cent 
Sales Tax Referendum in two counties. I am involved in working with other superintendents on an 
additional One-Cent Sales Tax Referendum in Guthrie County. 

Following is a list of major facility project expenditures completed since August 1, 2002, with a cost total 
that has exceeded $750,000. 

• Roofing projects completed at a cost of approximately $250,000. Our yearly board approved $0.33 
PPEL funding is $85,000. One project the bids ranged from $80,000 to $135,000 for a 45 mil roofing 
material and a 15-year warranty. The project was completed for $64,000 with a 60 mil roofing material 
and a 20-year warranty. 

• Technology upgrades were completed at a cost of approximately $125,000. 

• School bus lease to purchase agreements. Completion of a school bus barn remodeling project. 
Demolition and removal of a school bus bam including asbestos removal. 

• Initiated air quality and environmental testing in all school instruction facilities. 

• Initiated a cost-effective custom mowing and spraying service. 







• Guided revision and subsequent acceptance of the 1999-2000 Comprehensive School Improvement 
Plan (CSIP) and Annual Progress Report. 

• Guided preparation of the successful 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 Annual Progress Reports. 

• Successfully led negotiations settlement for two years without arbitration. 

• Added thirteen 9th -12th grade classes for school year 2001-2002. 

• Eliminated two full-time staff positions by attrition. 

• Invited and enlisted staff, school board members, and advisory committee to participate in the hiring 

• Ensured students best interests by amicably counseling four staff members to new career pursuits. 

• Built effective working . relationships with five member Board of Education; all votes were 
unanimous in support. 

• Displayed to community a sense of unified teamwork in pursuit of education instruction excellence. 

• Developed and prepared the budget for school years 2001 and 2002 with recommendations 
unanimously approved by School Board. 

• Guided development of a Web page for the Russell Community School. 

• Led community in preparation for the exceptionally successful Department of Education's five-year 
review in December, 200 1 . (Department of Education Exit Report on video available upon request.) 


• Enjoyed excellent relations with team members throughout the school years. 

• Evaluated performance of all elementary staff; -conducted an'unannounced classroom visit monthly. 

• Initiated staff development classes: 

"Data Driven Assessment" relating to standards and benchmarks taught by AEA 15 staff 
consultants; 50% of the staff attended the class. 

"Capturing Kids' Hearts" staff development integrated with "Character Development Education" 
instruction - 88% of the staff participated in this training. 


• Developed science standards. 

• Aligned and refined math and reading standards and benchmarks, 

• Achieved standardized test results where five months ago equated to a year revealed 1 .34 years 
average growth for students in 3rd grade through 8th grade, school year 2000-2001. . 

• School year 2001-2002, all students standardized test results averaged .967 year for 3rd through 8th 





• Initiated and introduced Power of Positive Praise Program with rewards for students and teachers 
provided by Hy-Vee and the Superintendent. 

• Increased Head Start funding for 20,01 and 2002 which will be 140% of the 2000-2001 school year 

• Introduced and implemented Read a Million Minutes activities for school district. 


• Applied for and received a Fire, Life, Safety Grant from the Iowa Department of Education. Notified 
of approval for $10,000.00 with matching 25% funds from the PPEL fund. 

• Received Success Four Grant increase of $1,300 which will fund staff development for character 
education instruction. 

• Grants Received: 

Pillar's Grant - additional funding for preschool Head Start program. 
Early First Reading Grant received as a consortium. 
First Reading Grant received as a consortium. 
School Infrastructure and Facilities Grant. 


• Russell School Preservation Committee 

• Russell Community Advisory Committee 
Russell Community Booster Club 

• Russell Lions Club 

• President, William Perm University Alumni Association - One term 

• Iowa Corn and Soybean Growers Association 



• Member, 6th grade Curriculum Committee 

• Chairman and member, K-12 Math Curriculum Committee 

• Chairman, K-6 Math Textbook Selection and Purchasing Committee 

• Member Central Curriculum Advisory Committee, five years (Vice Chairman, one year; Chairman, 
one year) 

• System-wide Advisory Team, Grant Elementary, one year 

• Member, K-12 Computer Selection Committee 

• Member, Southern Prairie Area Education Agency 6th and 8th grade Math Bee Advisory Committee 

• Member, Oskaloosa Educational Association Negotiations Committee, four, years 

• Member, Oskaloosa Educational Association Calendar Selection Committee, one year 
a Coached 5th and 6th grade football, basketball, track, wrestling for 1 years 

• Coached AAU teams in track and basketball, age groups 10-16 years 

Churchill, Susan [DAS] 



Wednesday, June 12, 2013 12:29 PM 
Churchill, Susan [DAS] 

Notification of Mailing for Director, Department of Education, Req ID#12221BR 
06-05-2013 Iowa Director of Education Letter.docx; 06-10-2013 DAR Resume 
2012-2013 w-refs.doc 

Ms. Churchill, 

Please accept this email as notification that I have mailed a cover letter and resume for the position of Director, 
Department of Education (Req ID #12221BR). It should arrive later this week. I have attached a copy to this 
email; however, I fully understand that the mailing needs to arrive prior to 4:30 pm (CST) on Friday, June 21, 
2013. This email serves only to notify you of the pending arrival. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the information listed below. Thank you. 

David A. Ruhman 


June 5, 2013 

Ms. Susan Churchill 

Iowa Department of Administrative Services 
Hoover State Office Building 
1 305 East Walnut, Level A 
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0150 

Dear Ms, Churchill: 

This cover letter and enclosed resume are provided in application of the Director, Department of Education position {Req 
ID #12221BK). My qualifications, while appearing non-traditional for such an opportunity, offer a fresh perspective to a 
Department focused on prioritizing a teacher leadership structure in every school district. Please accept the following 
information as evidence I can cast a vision and provide leadership for the Department utilizing educational boards and 
stakeholders to expand the opportunities for Iowa's students through the development and oversight of dynamic 
educational programs. In addition, note my synthesis of varied experiences in the administration and direction of 
educational programs or systems. 

Leadership and Vision Working with Educational Boards and Stakeholders: 

Caring for emotionally disturbed youth in residential treatment, building academic and social success of students in 
college and university residence life, and serving communities and the state in a variety of secondary education leadership 
opportunities - with various levels of challenges and demands - established my commitment to strong relationships with 
stakeholders and boards. Meeting challenges and taking risks augmented my capacity to recognize individual 
contributions advancing organizational goals. The outcome is discernment of the value and impact resulting from 
effectively combining individual commitment and coordination of effort to construct a team capable of achieving effective 
mutual respect, collaboration and intentional attainment of objectives. 

Although unintentional, transitioning to education was invaluable to cultivating my passion - the successful transition of 
all students from school to lifelong learning. Designing and implementing alternative education centers, guiding 
building/district level comprehensive school improvement programs, leading a K-12 comprehensive school district, and 
providing leadership to a state association of career and technical administrators, I have worked diligently to gather and 
evaluate data, as well as develop relationships with individuals, groups, business and industry leaders, government 
representatives, and community leaders to increase the opportunities for the success of all students. Guiding programs 
designed to implement systemic and district reform (using models such as, High Schools That Work, Technology Centers 
That Work, International Center for Education Leadership, etc.); developing a state-model embedded credit program; 
working with state legislators to return career and technical education to the Department of Education; working with 
community colleges and universities to address the needs of high school students; and organizing a regional effort to 
revise teacher induction and re-induction exhibits my commitment to building and maintaining strong collaborative 

The effective leader promotes team energy by empowering others with a vision and leading them to achieve common 
goals and objectives. Additionally, the leader works together with stakeholders to analyze data and validate assessment of 
progress. By integrating the varied needs of students, as well as committing to serve all students, the team confirms 
evidence of practice and program impact. Establishing self-efficacy and growth measures leads the team to corroborate a 
level of change and sustainability evidencing progress for programs and individual students. 

Development and Oversight of Key Educational Programs: 

Experiences in alternative and special education promoted discernment of the value every student has in the district. 
University residence life expanded my perspective by providing evidence of the need for students to focus on success 
after graduation from high school. Finding a method for embedding language arts and mathematics into career and 
technical education challenged me to commit to the full integration of academics and technical skill training within the 

comprehensive high school curriculum through real world, contextualized projects infused with a strong focus on literacy, 
numeracy, and science. 

As a result, I have committed to the Common Core State Standards for content area and career and technical education 
programs. Tomorrow's education system must lead students beyond traditional outcomes to preparation for completing 
postsecondary level work while still in school or immediately after graduation. In some cases this requires dedicated 
remediation to ensure students meet criteria to engage in credited coursework immediately upon entrance to 
postsecondary studies or advanced training. In addition, advanced college courses must be promoted and offered in high 
schools beyond the traditional offerings. Focused work with local, regional and state education groups is necessary to 
identify and remove barriers for academic accountability to secondary students, yet one must also recognize change 
occurs incrementally. Together internal and external stakeholders must unite in addressing state and federal challenges to 
the lifelong learning process. 

Through, involvement with the High Schools That Work and Technology Centers That Work networks I have championed 
a transition center concept where students of all capabilities are guided into courses that promote the preparation to take 
credited courses immediately upon graduation from high school. Included in this effort has been a commitment to ensure 
the preparation of all teachers to meet the needs of their students in all classrooms. Our effort includes working with local 
teachers, regional education leaders, college and university programs, and state officials to review and revise teacher 
preparation to focus courses and professional development on instructional planning, instructional strategies, classroom 
management and assessments. Our progress is visible - a regional university will pilot a program this fall resulting from 
our effort to bring this need to the attention of system representatives and stakeholders. The primary success of our effort 
has been the commitment of stakeholders in ensuring excellent instruction. 

Through work with Missouri's interest groups, I have learned a great deal about the effort required for ensuring legislative 
support when promoting or expanding educational opportunities. The privilege of writing a series of documents to raise 
awareness of educational issues related to the needs of Missouri students has been invaluable. As an example, the arm of 
career and technical education within the Missouri Department of Education was recently removed from the 
organizational chart; we were able to reinstate it and promote legislation to prevent similar action in the future. 

Administration of Educational Systems or Districts: 

My career in education may not have been my first, however, it has grown to become my passion. I have served in rural 
school systems, medium sized districts and, most recently, with a consortium of suburban school districts facing the 
challenges of diversity and urban expansion. I have learned that size does not reflect the heart or commitment of a district 
in educating its students. Iowa has similar challenges as those I have worked with in Missouri and rural Michigan. Iowa 
is also a state where varied needs and perspectives must be united to ensure the advancement of its schools into the era of 
Common Core State Standards. 

Focusing on Iowa, I offer to come prepared to listen and utilize the best of what already exists in filling the position of the 
Director for the Department of Education. Leadership rises and falls on the leader's plan. Peter Drucker, in The Five 
Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization (2008) offered five elements for an effective plan: 
Abandonment, Concentration, Innovation, Risk-Taking, and Analysis. I pledge to use these elements as the foundation 
of my commitment to the residents of the state of Iowa in filling the position of Director. You describe your desire to find 
a candidate committed to bringing out the best of the current system while remaining alert to modifications required as 
education continues to be challenged to achieve greater accountability and ensure individual student success. I can serve 
Iowa in its effort to be exfra-ordinary. 

David A. Ruhman 


David A. Ruhman 
Page 1 



• Educational Doctorate (EdD), courses completed May 2013, Written Comps (Summer 
2013), Oral Comps (Fall 2013), Dissertation (following immediately), University of Missouri- 
Columbia, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. 

• Education Specialist (EdS), 2009. Northern Michigan University. Education Administration 
concentration of courses leading to both Principal and Superintendent certification. 

• Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling, 1986. Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri. 
Psychological counseling skills for individual/group therapeutic settings. Practicum with licensed 

• Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, 1983. Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, Massachusetts. 
Minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. 

• Superintendent of Schools Certification. Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary 
Education, Jefferson City, MO. 

• Director of Career and Technical Education Certification. Missouri Department of 
Elementary and Secondary Education, Jefferson City, MO. 

• Teacher Certification - Mathematics, 5-9. Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary 
Education, Jefferson City, MO. 


Director of Career and Technical Education (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2013), Herndon Career Center, 
of the Raytown C-2 School District, Raytown, MO. Career and Technical Education Center serves six (6) 
school districts in the metropolitan Kansas City, MO area, secondary and adult students. 

• Increase program utilization through the development of a Recruitment, Retention and 
Graduation plan with an outside consultant and a team of representative instructors and support 
staff. Recruitment up nearly 20% in year two of program implementation. 

• Provide leadership in delivery of a teacher re-induction program designed by the Southern 
Regional Education Board and confirmed with a Teacher Advisory Committee. Our effort was 
recognized by invitations to speak at regional, state and national conferences, as well as becoming 
a pilot program for a career and technical teacher preparation university. 

• Participation in the Technology Centers That Work network resulted in growth from one scholar 
honoree to nine in the second year of testing; being identified as a "pacesetter" institution 

• Led facility effort to re-qualify for Title IV funding certification and provided yearly 
documentation of eligibility. 

• Worked with a local community college and university to establish a program for transitioning 
students from secondary to postsecondary education. 

• Serve as a liaison to the Career Education Consortium serving six (6) school districts and eleven 
(11) comprehensive high schools. 

• Developed articulation and matriculation plans for students utilizing the Career Technology 
Center as a service delivery facility with a consortium of college and university schools offering 
preparatory and fully credited college classes to students served in the consortium. 

® Manage an operations budget of approximately $2.5 million. 

David A. Ruhman. 

Page 2 

Career Center Director (July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2009), Arcadia Valley R-II School District Career 
and Technology Center, Ironton, Missouri. Career and Technology Center served eight (8) school 
districts; secondaiy and adult students. 

• Moved an embedded credit program from a local program to a statewide model program offering 
language arts and mathematics credit. Worked with consortium school district core content area 
teachers to develop the program and ensure credit integrity. 

Developed a testing system using research-based software from a local university to deliver 
testing for the embedded credit program. 

• Developed and implemented course offerings via distance learning to develop interest and recruit 
students to low attendance programs - introductory courses providing foundational skills. 

• Served as a district leader for a Comprehensive School Improvement Program in Mathematics. 
Developed and implemented a teacher-administrator led program for raising assessment 
achievement for students in Middle School and High School. 

• Managed an Adult Education Center and served as a host institution for various colleges in the 

• Increased articulated and dual postsecondary institution credit available to students completing 
available programs. 

Basic Skills Instructor (August 13, 2004 to June 30, 2005), Arcadia Valley R-II School District Career 
and Technology Center, Ironton, Missouri. District serves approximately 1200 students in grades K-12 
and 400 students in the Career and Technology Center. 

• Provide instruction in mathematics and Language Arts for Embedded Credit Program. 

• Develop lessons for use in classrooms to instruct students in mathematics education. 

• Develop structure for classroom delivery of Embedded Credit Program. 

• Provide direction and development of instructional materials for a campus school improvement 
program in the area of mathematics. 

• Develop cohesive implementation of mathematics instruction across campus through 
participation in multi-level departmental meetings. 

• Participate on Making Middle Grades Work Evaluation Team at the Middle School . 

Superintendent of Schools (July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2004), Ontonagon Area School District, 
Ontonagon, Michigan. District serving students in grades K-12. 

• Chief Executive Officer of a district educating students through a $5.5 million annual operations 
budget. Established and maintained a partnership with the Board of Education, comprised of 
seven elected members, to develop and meet the goals of the community for the education of the 
district's youth. 

• Supervise a Junior/Senior High School Principal, Elementary School Principal, Alternative 
School Director, Business Manager and Central Office staff of two. Oversee the employment of 
approximately 55 faculty members and approximately 30 support staff personnel in Secretarial, 
Maintenance, Custodial, Transportation, Special Education Aides and Food Service positions. 

• Vocational Programs Supervised: Business Services Technology, Marketing, Computer 
Networking and Repair, Building Trades, Cabinet Making, Welding, Manufacturing Technology, 
and CADD/Drafting. 

• Technology Improvements Initiated or Promoted: Web-Based Xerox with links for parents to 
access work from the classroom and allowing ill or absent students to download work from any 
computer connected to the web; integrated software for At-Risk students; expanded cable access 
in areas where the district did not have terminals; expanded video conferencing capabilities for 
the district (replacing Interactive Television with mobile video conferencing); 

• Curriculum Improvements Initiated or Promoted: Implemented a Pilot Program for Full-Day 
Kindergarten; Brought Advanced Learning Systems (A+LS) software to the district to assist in 

David A. Ruhman 
Page 3 

the remediation of At-Risk students in grades K-12; Expanded the Early Reading Empowerment 
program from Title Instructors to the Classroom; Established At-Risk Instructors at the 
Elementary and Junior/Senior High School; Restructured the Alternative School Curriculum, 
Handbook and Methodology; Introduced Life Centered Career Education curriculum to the 
district to meet the needs of special students; and Led the district in switch to Career Pathways 
(initiated program to expand curriculum guide for parents and students to utilize a more effective 
enrollment process). 

• Disfrict Improvements Initiated or Promoted: Established a "Community Communicators" group 
of key community individuals to provide them with district news immediately following Board of 
Education meetings, to promote district programs or communicate with key people regarding 
emergencies; Established a School/Community Capital Project Committee to help set district 
priorities and projects; Refocused School Improvement Committee focus, revised district's 
Annual Report, restructured and revised Board of Education Sub-Committee system and record 
keeping, Restructured Professional Development delivery system to include more faculty member 
selection of programs, and successful completion of State of Michigan three-year review of state 
and federal programs. 

• Additional Improvements Initiated or Promoted; Established monthly "Excellence in Education" 
program to recognize leaders in education at the faculty and support staff levels; Staff 
Appreciation programs (Support Staff Summer Picnic and End-Of-The-Year BBQ for all staff- 
supported with Board of Education appreciation events); Fan Appreciation events for athletics; 
Board of Education Special Recognition program for community support of education at regular 
board meetings; Coordinated and implemented Kindergarten and 6 th grade graduation ceremonies 
in partnership with the PTO; and Athletic Booster Club/Project Graduation/School District 
"Savers Card" partnership (fundraiser for capital improvement projects). 

At-Risk Coordinator (K-12)/Assistant Principal Middle School (1998-2001), Arcadia Valley R-II 
School District, Ironton, Missouri. District served approximately 1,200 students in grades K-12. 

• Administrator for a Middle School facility of 400 students, and 20 teachers, in grades 5-8. 
Responsible for discipline, teacher training, Comprehensive School Improvement Plan 
Committee (with parent participants) -Chairperson, evaluation and supervision of staff and 
programs, budget development and management. 

• Created and administrated a comprehensive K-12 At-Risk Program, including the authorship of 
the District's Alternative for Reaching Teens (DART) Plan. 

• Established a $400,000 Alternative Education Center for troubled and troubling teens, including 
the construction of a new facility, through match grants from state and local resources. Designed 
a curriculum consistent with Arcadia Valley's goals and objectives, to be implemented in the 
alternative setting. 

• Launched and managed a district wide state assessment improvement program to assist students 
(grades 5-12) in raising individual and district scores on the Missouri Assessment Program 
(MAP) Tests. 

• Creatively developed alternative opportunities for K-12 students to achieve successful completion 
of academic requirements in programs such as Project SOAR, Project DOAS, the CAN*I 
Program and Saturday Behavior Management Training Program. 

• Community, Mental Health, and Local Law Enforcement Liaison for the district. 

• Violence Intervention and Prevention Committee of Iron County, Chairperson. Developed a 
program for crisis management and intervention that incorporated district and community 

David A. Ruhrnan 
Page 4 

Administrator for the S-TEAM Program (1996-1998), Perry County School District #32, Perryville, 
Missouri. District served approximately 2,500 students in grades K-12. 

• Administrator for a facility of 30 students, two teachers and two aides teaching all components of 
the Middle School and High School curriculum (grades 5-12). Responsible for budget 
expenditures/receipts, supervision of staff and programs, teacher/staff hiring/firing, teacher 
evaluations, and coordination of program goals/objectives-in conjunction with district policies 
and procedures. 

• Established a $750,000 Alternative Education Center in conjunction with the local Circuit Court 
to provide educational services for students at-risk, violators of the Missouri Safe Schools Act of 
1996, teenage mothers, chronic truancy offenders and students who socially, emotionally or 
intellectually could not make progress in the regular education setting. Funded through state and 
local match grants. 

• Developed/implemented an in-school alternative education program, primarily targeting students 
involved in Special Services, via match-free grants. 

• Creatively developed alternative opportunities for K-12 students to achieve successful completion 
of academic requirements in a variety of after-school and Saturday programs. 

• Inter-agency liaison for community, mental health and local law enforcement agencies to 
implement intervention strategies designed to assist at-risk students district-wide. 

• School-to-Work program implementer. Secured positions for students and developed a 
comprehensive training evaluation to insure students were receiving valuable work skills based 
on work-based competencies. 

Middle School Counselor/8 th Grade Mathematics Instructor (1994-1996), Perry County District #32, 
Perryville, Missouri. Building served approximately 750 students in grades 6-8. 

• Individual and group counseling, primarily with 5 th and 6 th graders. Topics included: character 
development, dealing with death, career planning/setting goals, crisis intervention, dysfunctional 
families, academic planning, special education, and personal development. 

• Diagnostic Team leadership and Testing Coordinator/Practitioner. 

• Designed a comprehensive service schedule of classes for 750 students in grades 5-8, including 
core and encore subjects. Established and maintained computerized tracking of student issues 
and implemented a computerized random scheduling program to ensure truly "track-less" class 
selection for all students. 

• Created and implemented a hands-on Career Exploration Prop-am, bringing the resources of our 
local Career and Technology Center together with 5^/6^ grade students allowing experiences in 
each of the various Missouri Model Guidance Program Career Pathways. 

• Designed/managed Peer Mentoring Program where juniors and seniors in the Career and 
Technology Center developed a two-year, big brother/sister type relationship with 3 rd /4 th grade 
students, identified as at-risk by district standards. 

• Taught Pre-Algebra and 8 th Grade Mathematics. 

• Assistant Supervisor, Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) Title II b Program during the summer. 
Management of a $250,000 budget accounting with federal standards and compliance procedures. 
Verification of program eligibility for 50-75 youth ages 14-21 . 

Assistant Director of Residence Life ~ Facilities and Physical Plant Operations (1989-1993), 
Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Department served approximately 3,500 

• Managed a $3,500,000 budget for expenditures relating to operations, as part of a $7,000,000 FY 

• Supervised physical facilities for eight campus residence halls housing 3500 students. 

David A. Ruhman 
Page 5 

• Direct supervisor for six professional staff, fifty undergraduate Resident Advisors, twenty 
undergraduate Academic Advisors, and seventy-five student workers in four campus residence 

• Assistant to the University's Chief Judicial Officer and Lead Investigator and Judicial 
Representative in residence hall discipline matters. Authored the Residence Hall Student Code of 

• Developed a program to promote the academic success of students during their freshman year of 
college, titled The Freshman Year Experience Program. 

• University Crisis Response Team Member responding to on-call emergencies, emotional and 
physical crisis/trauma, including student death (Parent notification was my responsibility). 

• Served one semester as the Resident Director for the Maastricht Exchange Program with the 
Dutch School of Interpretation, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Traveled with students throughout 
Europe. Taught college classes for domestic and foreign students. 

Assistant Director/Complex Manager (1986-1989), Office of Residence Life, University of Wisconsin- 
Superior, Superior, Wisconsin. Department served approximately 1,000 students. 

• Supervision of three residence halls housing 1,000 students. 

• Budget planning and development, approximately $2,500,000.00 for the Office of Residence 

• Assistant Chief Investigating Officer for the campus judicial system. 

• Coordinated summer programs, staff training/development, and billing/account management. 

Treatment Team Coordinator (1983-1986), Chaddock School, Quincy, Illinois. 

• Supervised -treatment team of eight to ten professional counselors, one teacher, four night 
counselors and an Assistant Team Coordinator. 

• Provided group and individual therapy to twelve emotionally disturbed adolescents. 

• Coordinated placing agency, family, student and staff for the treatment of individuals. 

• Liaison for the Central Administration in developing and implementing a budget of $750,000.00 
for a treatment cottage. 


• Association of Career and Technical Educators 

• Missouri Association of Career and Technical Educators 

• Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 

• American Association of School Administrators 

• National Association of Secondary School Principals 

• National Technology Centers That Work Advisory Committee Member (Southern Regional 
Education Board) 

• MCCTA, serving as President-Elect, President and Past-President 

• Michigan Association of School Administrators Leadership Academy and Mentor Program 
(Fall 2001 through May 2004 - Mr. John Peterson, Mentor) 

• Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) Region I 

• Gogebic- Ontonagon Intermediate School District (GOISD) Superintendent's Association 

• Michigan Negotiator's Association 

David A. Ruhman 
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Adjunct Professor, Education Administration/Counseling, Southeast Missouri State University. 
Adjunct Professor, Education Administration and Counseling, University of Wisconsin-Superior. 
Educator for State Department, Marketing, Discipline and Crisis Intervention, Missouri. 
National, State and Regional Presenter on a variety of topics at Conferences for SREB's HSTW 
Summer Professional Development Conference, National ACTE Conference, MCCTA and MoACTE 
regional and state conferences, MCCTA/MASSP Joint Fall Conference, Center for Entrepreneurship 
Education National Conference, TCTW National Forum, local and regional school district presentations 
and Community College Partnership Programs. 

David A. Ruhman 
Page 7 


Dr. Ann Benson, Retired Oklahoma State Director of CTE and current Director of the Technology 
Centers That Work initiative for the Southern Regional Education Board. 

Br. Neil Nuttall, President, North Central Missouri College. 

Dr. Barbara Martin, Professor, University of Missouri -Columbia & University of Central Missouri. 

Dr. Mich ael Wright, Dean of University of Central Missouri College of Education, University of Central 


Doug Sutton, Federal Programs, State of Missouri-Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. 

Mark Perna, Founder and President, Tools for Schools. 
Bob Larivee, Executive Director, Missouri Council of Career and Technical Administrators.